The Joomla! Extensions Directory Team is please to announce that the Terms of Service has been updated and will take effect February 1, 2014.

Summary of Changes

We will be removing Translations and Tools that do not use the Joomla installer (excluding extension specific extensions).

We've integrated the JED Submission Checklists.

We have changed the distribution models from "Commercial" and "Non-Commercial" to "Free" and "Paid".

Changing distribution models in either direction will result in the loss of reviews/votes.

Extensions that require any form of payment, trade or connect to a commercial service that requires a payment to function will need to be listed as "Paid".

We're adding a Dispute Resolution process, which will be completed by the end of Q1 2014.

Future ToS updates will be announced 30 days prior to implementing changes.

We've removed the requirement of using specific text when requesting reviews.


To see how this change applies to you be sure to read the entire Terms of Service. You can comment and ask questions about these changes in this forum thread.