Back in 2008 when the JED decided to make GPL a requirement to be listed, part of the rule included that in order to be listed, a developer could not distribute non-GPL Joomla extensions from the same site he/she wanted to distribute listed extensions from. At the same time, it was decided that it wouldn't be enforced retroactively for existing listings until some point in the future so developers had time to adjust.

From that point on if a developer submitted a new extension for listing and was distributing non-GPL extensions from the same site, the submission would be flagged with an error.  If it wasn't resolved, the submission would be rejected after 60 days.

The future is here. Effective January 1, 2013 all listings will fall under the same rules. Any listings that distribute extensions from a site that also distributes non-GPL Joomla extensions will no longer be eligible for listing in the JED.

Note: The GPL requirement only applies to the PHP portions of the extensions. Images, javascript and CSS files are not requried to be licensed under the GPL. You will begin to notice a new editors note that indicates when those files are not GPL licensed.

 jed gplnotice


To summarize, the grandfathering of listings that distribute non-GPL Joomla extensions from the same site will end Jan 1, 2013.


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