Open Source Matters, Inc. ("Open Source Matters" or "OSM") is planning to extend the options for use of a demo site on as well as offer a new free hosting option.  The contract with the current Joomla demo vendor is expiring soon and OSM has determined that in the interest of fairness and equality, other vendors should also have the opportunity  to submit proposals for the following request for proposals.

Open Source Matters is requesting proposals for TWO different options that may be offered to new potential Joomla CMS users.

Interested web hosting companies can find information and detailed requirements for the two requests for proposals can be found here: OSM Request For Proposals Demo Site July 2013


Any updates to the RFP will be listed below with our changelog.


Version 1.1 (updated August 13, 2013)

Updated an incorrect 12 month average for the number of demo site signups for the months of July 2012 - June 2013.