I'm pleased to announce that Phil Locke, a recent addition to the OSM Board of Directors, has been appointed Capital Committee Chair today.  His efforts will be critical to the project's success in income generation, and I'm excited to have him leading our team in this role.

Here's a quick overview of this position's responsibilities.

Capital Committee Chair

  • Leader of all income generation efforts by OSM
  • Manages a team of individuals that ensure the success of OSM's fundraising, sponsorships, advertising, and partnerships
  • Communicates with the OSM team regularly regarding the outcomes of activities
  • Liaises with the other leadership teams where appropriate to leverage internal resources in an effort to make campaigns successful
  • Liaises with the community to harvest new ideas, obtain feedback on campaigns, and spread income generating efforts wider
  • Ensures the satisfaction of our sponsors

Phil has expressed to me that he'll be following up with the community soon with his vision for immediate next steps.  Congratulations Phil, and thank you for leading up on this important effort!