The final part of the 2012 goal setting/budget planning process suggests that each leadership team publish quarterly updates on progress for each of their major goals. Following through on this part of the process is important-it promotes increased openness and transparency, it strengthens accountability and trust between the project's leadership and the community, and it recognizes the volunteer contributors who are the most important resource for our project's continued growth and success.

Here is a summary of progress that was made during the second quarter for Open Source Matters' (OSM) four major 2012 goals, along with the names of key contributors for each of the items. Sincerest thanks go out to everyone who contributed to the progress that was made on these goals during the second quarter!

Steady progress on these goals has continued during the third quarter, and we hope to publish another blog with those updates by early November.

Simplify Trademark rules and team processes

  • Discussion at Jandbeyond conference with community members about issues relating to our Trademark rules and processes. (Jacques Rentzke)
  • Discussion at Joomla Leadership Summit about what issues need to be addresses (PLT, CLT and OSM board members)
  • Building the Structure of a new Trademark section. Ordering the content and setting the section up to support other languages in future. (Jacques Rentzke, Alice Grevet, Matthew Philogene, Pedro Gonçalves)
  • Further discussions about creating a new Brand Manual (Jacques Rentzke, Sully Sullivan)
  • Questions to our legal firm regarding Trademark and License issues (Jacques Rentzke, Paul Orwig, WTP, SFLC)
  • Preliminary talks about getting legal review of all our current Trademark rules and policies and documentation, in an attempt to simplify it. (Jacques Rentzke, Alice Grevet, Paul Orwig)

Reduce communication channels and improve public facing communications processes


Research and implement plan to increase sponsorship income by $20,000 from 2011

  • Capital Committee draft proposal developed and submitted to the OSM Board (Mike Carson, Altansukh Tumenjargal).
  • Created Joomla sponsors spreadsheet and continued updates (Jacques Rentzke, Altansukh Tumenjargal).
  • Improve potential sponsor communication time down to 1-3 business days (Altansukh Tumenjargal)
  • Started process of reviewing all sponsorship agreement that has been signed during last 2 years (Altansukh Tumenjargal, Thomas Hampton)

Launch first Joomla! World Conference and improve support for Joomla! Days

  • Launched (Mike Carson, TJ Baker, Victor Drover)
  • Build a team for supporting the events approval process (Mike Carson [lead], Laura Gordon, Saurabh Shah)
  • Build a team for the JWC (Robert Deutz [lead], TJ Baker [Social Media], Martijn Boomsma [Sponsoring], Ronni K.G. Christiansen [Website], Kyle Ledbetter [Design], Jon Neubauer [Communication], Brian Teeman [Program/Speakers], Jeremy Wilken [Video Documentation])

Work on other OSM led initiatives

While the primary focus for this blog is on progress made during the second quarter on OSM's four major 2012 goals, work has also been underway on a number of other important OSM led initiatives. Here is a list of some of these other initiatives, along with the OSM board members who worked on them during the first quarter:

  • Begin drafting plans for Joomla certification program (Leonel Canton)
  • Fill new OSM Project Manager role (Ofer Cohen)
  • Work on Joomla Association proposal (Paulo Griiettner)
  • Improve the Joomla shop (Dianne Henning).
  • Improve multi-language support for Joomla software and OSM website (Marijke Stuivenberg, Jacques Rentzke).
  • Improve support for different aspects of internationalization (Marijke Stuivenberg, Javier Gomez, Paulo Griiettner).
  • Coordinate improvements to the free demo program (Marijke Stuivenberg).

Please join the OSM 2012 goal updates discussion and share your questions and comments.