With the upcoming departure of Thomas Hampton who has served on the board of OSM as Treasurer for the past year, nominations are now open for this position.

Any member of the Joomla community at large is free to submit a nomination for him/herself, or for another community member.

Nominees should be motivated to serve the project in this role, and be able to devote 2-3 hours a week to the job.

The position of Treasurer is described as follows:

The Treasurer is the officer assigned the primary responsibility of overseeing the management and reporting of an organization’s finances. The Treasurer has many important duties specific to its role, including:

  • is a member of the Board
  • is a member of the Executive Committee
  • manages the finances of the organization
  • attends monthly board meetings
  • administers fiscal matters of the organization
  • leads the overall budget process by coordinating work between all teams and preparing a consolidated budget for board review and approval
  • ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures
  • maintains the bank accounts and interfaces with the accountants
  • reports regularly to the board on key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health, in addition to completing required financial reporting forms in a timely fashion and making these forms available to the board.

Nomination Criteria

  • Experience and Expertise: It is important that nominees have demonstrated skills in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping or financial work.
  • Community: the nominee should have a strong track-record of successfully collaborating with, enabling others and earning the respect of the Joomla! community.
  • Character: the nominee should have proven themselves a person of high character, with a history of acting honestly, fairly and openly when in leadership roles.
  • Success: the nominee should be able to point to a history of success and leaving previous roles in a better state than when they arrived.
  • Location: Because OSM is a US based non-profit corporation, is subject to US tax laws, maintains it's bank accounts in the US, and receives its physical mail in the US, nominees who are either US based or familiar with US tax laws are especially encouraged to apply.

Close of nominations:

The nomination period for this position will be open for 2 weeks, closing on July 16.