The budget for the Joomla Project from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020 was approved by the Board in email on the 24th of June 2019 (Minutes). We would like to apologise for the delay in publication of the budget, this was due to refactoring necessary with the cancellation of JWC and the absence of some Board members in the preparation of this post.

Budget submissions were made for each department (Production, Marketing (see note here), Operations, Legal & Finance, Events & Programs) alongside a single submission for the 4 Officers. The valuable lessons learned in last year’s budgeting process allowed for an efficient and clear allocation of funds with discussions and refactoring taking less time than in 2018.  


Project wide, Legal and Finance is responsible for 96.9% of this year’s projected income with 1.5% coming from Programs (Certification), 1.3% from Production (GSoC) and 0.3% from the Board of Directors (Interest earned).

osm2019 20 income


As with the previous years expenses were divided into two classes, Operational and Other.

Operational Expenses

These expenses are needed for the project to continue to run on a day to day basis. Operational Expenses account for just over 25% of this year’s budget. Examples of operational expenses include :

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Trademark
  • Accounting Costs
  • Software Licenses/Subscriptions
  • Association Memberships (i.e CMS Garden)
  • Legal Fees
  • Essential Officer Travel (i.e. yearly financial summit, signing on new officer to bank)

OSM 2019/20 Operational Expenses

Other Expenses

These expenses are allocated against the remaining projected income for the year.  Each department submits a full “wish list” of budget items, which are then discussed and reduced/cut where necessary in order to balance the budget.

OSM 2019/20 - Other Expenses

Links to Budgets

Below you will find a link to this and last year’s budgets

  • The 2019/20 budget can be viewed by clicking here.
  • The 2018/19 budget can be viewed by clicking here.

Budget Summaries by Department


The Production Department is responsible for all software under the Joomla brand and oversees many channels critical to the software's success, including documentation and translations. In addition to producing the software, we also require extensive resources for distributing that software and performing quality assurance tests during the development cycle.

For the upcoming budget year, our primary focuses are on the final development of Joomla 4.0 so it can be released this year, and extended over the course of the current budget. Also making the transition from Joomla 3 as smooth as possible, major overhaul of the continuous integration systems used for testing our software, and support for the students and mentors participating in the Google Summer of Code program.

For queries regarding this department’s budget please contact Harald Leithner

Legal & Finance

The Legal and Finance Department consists of the following teams

  • Capital Team:
    The Capital Team is responsible for nearly all (96.7%) of the income generated for the project.  This essential team keeps the project running by finding and working with sponsors and partners.
  • Compliance Team
    The Compliance Team ensure that the project complies with laws and other requirements worldwide such as GDPR. This team has been the source of a very successful cross platform collaboration with other Open Source projects in the past year.
  • Trademark Team
    The Trademark Team grants and enforces limited use of our Trademarks worldwide.

This year we aim to launch our new Hosting Directory which will serve as a much needed new major income stream (33.9%) alongside Corporate Sponsorships (29%), Commissions from Partnerships (i.e. Cloud Access, BRANDIT - 22.4%), Advertising Revenue (13.3%) and Community Sponsorships (1.4%).

OSM 2019/20 - Legal & Finance Dept. Income Projection

For queries regarding this department’s budget please contact Jason Nickerson.

Marketing & Communication

The Marketing & Communication Department handles all matters related to marketing, communications and marketing translations to share information and increase awareness both internally and externally.
It should be noted that, with the Marketing and Communications Department transitioning leadership, this department’s budget was estimated along the spirit of the marketing strategy, with the key aim of preserving the overall percentage of the expenses allocated, rather than budget lines themselves. The budget lines submitted in order to achieve budget publication for this department are open to alteration if necessary to fit the next Department Coordinator’s vision.


At the Events Department we focus on allowing our community to meet and share their knowledge through JUGs, and Joomla Events. Our main focus is to facilitate Joomla Official Events around the world to help engage more people in our awesome community. 

For queries regarding this department’s budget please contact Djamel Kherbi


The Operations Department covers two areas of business for Joomla. The first part of this is operational activities which keep the websites running. These costs are operational and are covered within the core budget. The second part are the various teams which provide additional resources to the community. Key elements for development during the coming financial year include the next generation of the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED4). Also budgeted for within this is the cost of additional security tools to help keep Joomla and its extensions as secure as possible. Finally, there is provision for taking part in a multi-team sprint, this would help foster more cross team interaction.

For queries regarding this department’s budget please contact Hugh Douglas-Smith.


The Programs Department is responsible for the Joomla Certification (JCP) and the Volunteers Engagement Team (VET). The JCP budget will cover the running and the promotion of the program, as well as funds to hold a sprint to further the development of the Joomla 4 Administrator Exam. The VET budget will cover a sprint to further develop the program as well as funds for marketing and merchandise. The budget includes travel for department lead, team leaders, and sub-team leaders to meet up in person for a multi-team sprint. 

For queries regarding this department’s budget please contact Jaz Parkyn

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors accounts for 0.3% of the Income, 32.7% of the Operational Expenses and 4.3% of the Other Expenses for this year. For queries regarding this department’s budget please contact Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall.