We are happy to announce that the election of the Marketing & Communications Department Coordinator replacement has been completed.

Note: This is election follows the new methodology that provides different timelines based on number and type of candidates.

Elected Marketing & Communications Department Coordinator (Replacement)

Election Results

Election anonymous ballot closed automatically on May 28, 2021 at 23:59 UTC.

  • Philip Walton: 7/7 (100% of 7 cast vote forms)
  • Abstain: 0/7 (0% of 7 cast vote forms)
  • None of the above: 0/7 (0% of 7 cast vote forms)
Participation rates
  • 8 people were entitled to vote.
  • 7 people have voted (87,5%).
  • 0 people were attentive but have not voted (0%).
  • 1 people have not voted (12,5%).

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This election has been processed with the New DC/Uncontested methodology. The term of the new office will start on May 29, 2021.



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