At recent joint leadership summits, proposals were made for improving the way that the Production Leadership Team (PLT), the Community Leadership Team (CLT) and the Open Source Matters (OSM) board function. The three leadership teams have established terms and reviews, set up a group to suggest strategy and goals for the project and agreed to document roles, policies and procedures. A governance working group has also been set up.


Establishing Terms and Reviews


Terms for all leadership team members (PLT, CLT & OSM) are for one year. Moving to a new leadership team starts a new term. Terms are renewable, subject to the review and evaluation process below.

Reviews & Evaluations

There are yearly self-reviews, where each member says what their goals were for the year, what they accomplished, if they are willing to continue in the position, and what their goals are for the next year. They have to be voted in to stay on for another term. This review would be public. For the PLT, this is in the form of a blog that is done after renewal.

Teams could also do 360 reviews where multiple people would answer 5 questions about the team member based on the goals they set at the beginning of the period. This evaluation would not be public.

Removing a Leadership Team Member in the middle of a term

If a team member is not working out and efforts at productive resolutions with the member are not successful, then the team can vote to remove the member. A member being removed cannot vote on their removal and is not counted in the calculations.

The expectation is that team members are held responsible for their roles and responsibilities


For all leadership teams, voting for adding, renewing or removing a member is the same as the amended Code of Conduct (COC) rules: Two-thirds of the team have to cast votes and two-thirds have to vote for agreement.


All leadership team members will come up for renewal on their anniversary month (or a different month assigned to spread renewals out). Renewal dates are staggered so that we aren’t in a position where everyone would renew at the same time.


Each leadership team is responsible for recruiting their own teams and determining the process they will use for it. For a person to join a team, they need to agree to the above terms and reviews.

Establishing Overall Goals for the Project

A Strategic Workgroup was created to work with representatives from each of the leadership teams to create a document of strategic goals for the future of Joomla. Goal setting will be for a one-year strategy and a three-year vision. The group consists of a member from each of the three leadership teams along with a backup member from each of the teams. The team can bring in additional people who are active in the Joomla community but not in leadership as the need arises. In order to ensure a fresh vision, members will serve for one year.

Documenting Policies and Procedures

The three leadership teams will be publicly documenting roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures. Obviously, for security reasons, there will be some procedures where details are kept private.

Governance Working Group

During the Joomla World Conference joint summit, the idea was discussed to form a new permanent working group that will consider Joomla’s overall governance model and offer recommendations for potential improvements. Following that discussion, the formation of this new working group was announced during a session of the Joomla World Conference. If you are interested in joining this new working group, please send an email to .

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