The Community Leadership Team has created a relief system for the backlog of Joomla User Group (JUG) submissions and correspondence. We would like your help to make this work though.

As of right now, if you are on the waiting list of people who have not heard back about a JUG submission, We have a new form that we ask you to fill out at your earliest convenience.

Resubmit your application using  JUG Submission Form

We know you are tired of forms!  So are we.  For now though this is only a stop gap solution while we work on something more permanent and efficient for all.  We feel this new form can be processed on our end much faster than the current system.

We would appreciate any feedback you have to offer in the JUGs People.Joomla group.

Thank you for your patience! Joomla User Groups make up a valuable component of our community. We appreciate your continued efforts and we look forward to working with you as we resolve this issue as quickly and effectively as possible.