, which hosts the Joomla download files, issue trackers and other Joomla related projects, will be updated this weekend. The underlying GForge code will be updated from an old, out of date version to the current GForge release.

The update will put on a much more solid foundation. (Imagine how we would feel if someone was running an old Joomla version like 1.6.2!) There are many new features and bug fixes in the new GForge version. The update will also make it much easier for us to keep up with new GForge releases going forward.

To install the update, will be down for about two hours, starting Monday at 02:00 GMT (see this link for your time zone). This means that all projects hosted at will be unavailable during this time. This includes download files, auto-update files, issue trackers, code repositories, wikis, and any other resource.

After the update, the site will be available with all prior data but with the new GForge software version. A group of volunteers has tested the updated software and no major issues are expected. However, as with any software update, there is always the possibility that something won’t work as expected.

If you find any problem with after the update, please report it on the Joomla! Bug Squad list (email to or go to!forum/joomlabugsquad).

Most of the site functions will be similar and recognizable after the update. There are a few changes specifically to the trackers used by the Bug Squad that we will document on the wiki here:

The Joomla project owes a huge “thank you” to Tony Bibbs and his team at GForge. They have graciously volunteered their time and resources to do this update.