We are happy to announce the next steps for the election of the Group 2 Officers replacements. Included are comments provided by the nominator(s) of each, nominees are listed in no particular order.

Note: This is election follows the new methodology that provides different timelines based on number and type of candidates.

Vice President

Elisa Foltyn

Elisa's Manifesto

Recommendations for Elisa|closed

"Elisa brought a bunch of motivatied people together at this years Hackathon: WirVsVirus and has been a great leading personality and mentor to all of us. She build a great website to manage the content which we provided and always kept us motivated to do our best. I got to know her as friendly realiable and thoughtful person. She is someone everyone could be happy to work with." - Chris

"She really loves Joomla! and is a very nice person (I met her at JWC in Rome) and, last but not least, she always helps users when they need! Good luck!" - Elisa Valle

"Elisa is just the right person for the Vice President. When she is doing something, she is doing it with full commitment. She is full of energy and has the right passion for this job. She loves Joomla and is always looking for possibilitys to spread the spirit of Joomla. With Elisa we won't just get a Vice President, who wants to have the job for representing herself. She wants to help the Joomla! Community to grow together. She wants to help Joomla! to get more attention. Elisa is the right person for it! " - Barbara Aßmann

"I first met Elisa at the Joomla World Conference in Rome in 2017 and we have kept in touch since then. In 2019 we worked together on a Joomla volunteer project, and I found her to be very friendly, professional and helpful. She is a great designer and far more technically-minded than I am, and she was always happy to answer any questions I had. She was actively involved in our project team and from what I've seen, has been very active and passionate within the Joomla project for many years. I see her as somebody who says "I will" rather than "you should", which I think is very important in a volunteer organisation. Last year she posted a photo from a Joomla training class she was teaching at a school for teenagers in Germany, which I was really impressed with, and I messaged her then to ask more questions about how she had set that up. I think she would make an excellent addition to the OSM Board and I'm very happy to recommend her for the Vice President role." - Nicky Veitch

"i know her for a long a time and she lives the spirit of Joomla!" - Evgenij Khait

"Elisa is extremely professional, knowledgeable and creative. The Corona crisis has shown that she's not only willing to give back to the Joomla! community, but also how she has taken initiatives to support both the city and country she lives in during these troublesome times." - Jonas Dygd

"I personally know her immens skills and passion for Joomla. If not her, who else?" - Stefanie Thielmann

"Elisa has tremendous skills and experience. Her style, analytics and know how bring a hugh benefit to our community." - Oliver Schwab

"I like your manifesto" - Fausto Nenci

"Great woman with a good feeling for customers and community." - Roland Meier

"She has done much for the Joomla Community and I also think she has clears visions about the future in Joomla. Also I think she would be a good representative for the system and the community." - Christian Schuelling

"Her diverse experience and clear passion for Joomla! its users, and above all, its potential users, is what is required for the VP role" - Dave Pughe-Parry

""I know Eliza from her participation and contribution to international community conference and meetings. I got to know her more than the help she was willing to give to the Greek J! Community, and I was impressed by her outreach to our community. I believe it will greatly help the J! project and community if elected vice-president." - Aris Ntatsis

"Best option... engaged Joomla Community" - Kazuo Gomi Filho

"In my opinion Elisa is a true Joomler. Always willing to help other people, always willing to share knowledge. She is openminded, friendly, positive and knows the community very well. She has worked in various roles and was active in the Joomla 4 development. I really like that she wants to let the world know powerful Joomla is and how other can make a living from it." - René Kreijveld

"I know Elisa personally, she is very joomla competent, friendly, international and has a good view of the context" - Günter Ständecke

"Elisa Foltyn is a Joomla expert with many years of experience and great passion for our CMS and the community. She dedicates a lot of time to Joomla, is always helpful and likes to share her knowledge. Joomla beginners and experts alike can learn a lot from Elisa. She is a central personality and important supporter of the German speaking community, as a speaker at JoomlaDays, as author of many blog posts and one of the most important German Joomla books. The Joomla community could hardly wish for a better representative than Elisa!" - Ulrich Damm

"During the Hackathon WirvsVirus, I met Elisa, who developed an faq website based on Joomla! concerning corona. We are working together in a team of about 12 people and Elisa takes suggestions of everyone into consideration. It's a pleasure to work with her." - Dana

"Highly engaged in her projects! Inspiring!" - Sarah

"I have seen Elisa "bounce" around in the community in the broadest sense which i think is important for a supporting and connecting role of vice president. Her personality, knowledge, experience in marketing, design, proven involvement in multiple aspects of the projects make her the best choice for the position. Her communication in the discussion room was to the point and sensible." - Marco Dings

Puneet Kala

Puneet's Manifesto

Recommendations for Puneet|closed

"I believe Puneet would make an excellent vice-president and is the one OSM needs to help restore trust, transparency and respect. I've been working with Puneet for several years mainly in the GSoC team he leads and handles perfectly, always doing his best to help improve Joomla. Puneet has undoubtedly all the qualities required for the role: of course, a good knowledge on how Joomla/its community works, but above all, he listens, advises, respects, guides his teams without imposing his points of view, always working for the good of the project. And he has no personal interest into running for this position. His human qualities are qualities that are really needed in the Board. He is honest, fair, frank, courageous, respectful, organized, easily available, he does not hesitate to raise his voice when needed, and he is not afraid to face issues, instead of putting head in the sand, like many do. He is one of 2 people in Joomla I have worked closely with great pleasure for years and one of the two I more than deeply trust and can rely on." - Sandra Decoux

"First of all he is my best friend and also mainly he is my neighbor from my own country India. Lets we all can work together for the best of Joomla. I think he is have a good chemistry with the newly elected president. So he can make this post better than any one I thought." - Manu B.

"Puneet is a great leader, he is doing a very good job in the GSoC group. I think, he has the right mix of strength and prudence to do the job as vice-president. He has always the right words to motivate the mentors of GSoC, that is also necessary for the whole Joomla Community." - Viviana Menzel

"So where to begin.. My first reaction to Puneet was ""You are really brave and you would be the best VP i can imagine, but still i would be worried for you as VP.." I was involved in Joomla 'politics' for more than four years and it was a tough time, with a lot of painful memories and broken human relationships. But there were also many great moments and I became friends with many awesome people, like with Puneet. And I agree with Puneet’s attitude, that he does not want to leave, like so many others, but wants to try to fix Joomla first. We all invested so much of our love, time and energy into Joomla, that it would be a waste, to not at least try. Joomla is family, not only community or software. There are bad and good times, but for us to stay together, we need people like Puneet in the board and we need change. Puneet has proven to be a great leader and manager in the last years countless of times. From Google Summer of Code, which brought more features to Joomla 3 and 4 than anyone else, to automated testing, where he is one of the longest members around.. There are endless good reasons to vote for him, but the most important one is that Joomla needs him." - Yves Hoppe

"I've been worked with him for several times in the Google Summer Of Code, so I know some of his capacity, like to manage, help and attract new contributors to the project, therefore I am glad to recommend him for OSM’s Vice President." - Nicola Galgano

"Puneet has been a great leader for Joomla in the Google Summer of code. He has helped bring many great features to Joomla through the GSOC projects . I've always seen him deliver when he commits & having him in this position would be a great asset to Joomla!" - Parth Lawate

"I have seen his knowledge and his leadership skills and I think he can help and support community well." - Ajay Lulia

"I had the pleasure of working with Puneet on several GSoC projects. Puneet is a man of charisma. He wins people over and has a natural authority and integrity that builds trust. He has the ability to bring people together, is always there when you need him. He is well-known in the Joomla Community and in the board and can bring harmony - he knows members all over the world and can open market especially in India. He knows how to move projects forward by motivating people and showing appreciation. He knows the development and the problems of production. With this knowledge he can perfectly complement the president in this concern." - Christiane Maier-Stadhtherr

"I am involved with Joomla since 2017, and working under the Leadership of Puneet for GSoC is incredible. I have seen him managing different projects of Joomla from both sides (as a Student and a mentor too). I have seen how he managed various conflicts and project challenges. And I idolize him. Many projects that came under his leadership are already adding much benefit to the community. I appreciate him that he proposed his nomination for the VP, I am sure that he is going to bring necessary changes that Joomla require at this moment. His presence on the Board would surely add significant value. I request each voter to consider his Manifesto before making up your decision. He is a much-needed member on the Board considering different situations Joomla is going through." - Shivam Rajput

""I know Puneet since 2016 when I had Google Summer of Code with Joomla. He has been since then a great friend and mentor, he's someone I look up to because of his people skills. I haven't met anyone on my internships/jobs that could motivate me to do my best as much as him. Despite his young age, he has showed me countless of times how mature he can be and how to act on stressful situations, being fair and coherent all the time" - João Reys Santos

"I met Puneet in 2016 in a Joomla  meetup event (in Bangalore, India) which he was organising.  His enthusiasm and fair and transparent approach to everything that he does make me and others like me  to a regular visitors to the joomla meetups.  He led the effort to reach out to different people, especially the young/college  going crowd and popularise joomla among them. Joomla Day Bangalore, in 2016 was his idea and he led from the front, right from generating ideas, getting speakers, organising funds, communicating with core groups, negotiating with sponsors and getting funds for the event, planning the structure of the event  etc..   He showed his organising skills and capabilities by forming a team and delegates the responsibilities among them and meticulously followed up the planning and execution. His dynamic personality  and ability to take on-the-spot decisions  helped the event to become a success. He is a great team leader who understands the team and their capability and deal with them accordingly. He always motivate the team and take pressure whenever there is a need. And he loves people and networking. The ability to grasp and process things faster is an amazing quality of his.   With his years of associations with Joomla project and the community, I am sure that Puneet - a  cheerful and confident  guy , with solid tech skills and with  people and networking skills  and a wonderful contributor to the team  is  a perfect choice for this post. An open, passionate guy he is, definitely has a lot to contribute and will play a key role in Joomla roadmap! Wishing him all the best." - Vinod Kumar S

"I worked with Puneet for the last years together in different teams and got him known as a very reliable and trustworthy person. Puneet is a real team player connecting people from different cultures in teams and brings the best out from everyone. In all the Year as Google Summer of Code admin he showed high leadership and communications skill. Every year he has proved, that he is a person who gets things done while being a very well-balanced, positive and honest character. He is deeply involved into the community and is very kind and supportive towards everyone who needs any help. All this skills combined makes him a perfect fit as vice president." - Harald Leithner

Michael Russell

Michael's Manifesto

Recommendations for Michael|closed

"Vice President" - Giovanni



Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall

Rowan's Manifesto

Recommendations for Rowan|closed

"She does her job very well." - Ugur Uygur

"She is a person who does so far she has done a lot for the community" - Fausto Nenci

"This is a short term position, and Rowan is currently doing the books. Great continuity. The position needs to be defined as well, there is no one better at present to do this." - Dave Pughe-Parry

"She has already proved her ability to manage our community. So as far my knowledge she is the best for this position. I think she can make it easy for others to take over by keeping clear records and also she is having a good communication and interpersonal skills. So I have no other choice!" - Manu Beladevan

"Treasurer" - Giovanni

"If Rowan can be faulted, its for her mistaken sense of responsibility for the project. Her memory of Joomla history, its decisions and rational is second to none. I see this fuels her motivation to handover the project in a defined manner, no alterior motives involved and hence here restriction to a 6 month commitment. The Joomla organisation is in dire straits, even more with this pandemic Joomla needs continuity to emerge fit for the rebound. Rowan can bring that to the board as treasurer for the coming cycle!" - Marco Dings

"Rowan is a leader who proved her capabilities and expertise serving the Board for several years. During this period of global emergency and lockdown, letting her step up as Treasurer replacement would allow OSM to operate safely avoiding interruptions and changes in the bank accounts. Also she could complete the qualification process for the 501(c)(3), making Joomla more sustainable financially. She is present, supportive and reliable and she has the required knowledge, having done the corporate books for long time now." - Luca Marzo

"Recommendation statement" - Wilco Alsemgeest


John Baskerville

John's Manifesto

Recommendations for John|closed

"I've been working with John for three years now at a marketing company called OneFirefly. John has single-handedly developed our web/SEO products and has trained dozens of people on the ins and outs of Joomla. His passion, knowledge, and curiosity about Joomla has inspired a new generation of web designers to use Joomla in their professional and personal lives. He's built something really special at OneFirefly that I'm proud to be a part of! Any organization would be lucky to have him on their team - he brings a spark to each project that he works on and there's no one in the world that's easier to get along with." - V. Jordan Hutchinson

"I have worked with John Baskerville for almost 5 years now. He is an exceptional leader at our organization, not only in all things web, but in leading a team and helping people reach their top potential. He is a rockstar and the heart of One Firefly." - Elizabeth Hodapp

"Hello. My name is Karen Dunne. I have been involved in the Joomla community for about six years (Denver JUG, JWC 2014 speaker, JD Texas 2019 speaker, former organizer Colorado Springs JUG, and currently Assistant Team Lead for the Joomla Resource Directory). There isn’t anyone I would recommend more highly than John and it is my honor to do so. I met John at a Joomla User Group meeting nearly five years ago and have been working with him ever since. We support each other with our Joomla projects on a regular basis. We have become friends in the process. My perspective is both professional and personal. This may be the first time you’re being introduced to John because of the board position but he’s not at all new to Joomla. His experience is listed in his manifesto. Like anything I’ve seen John do, his manifesto is comprehensive, thorough, and thoughtful. No drama, no bullshit; just straight-forward, solutions-oriented thinking and communication. John is humble—a quality I most admire given how much I am impressed by his actions. I can say without a shred of hesitation that John conducts himself with the utmost professionalism. He is generous, conscientious, unflappable, and driven by purpose. His career experience is deep and he has a wealth of real-world knowledge. I’ve witnessed his ability to evaluate and analyze information, problems, and solutions for the betterment of his team and his projects. He’s patient and listens to all input before offering his own and creates cohesiveness among his colleagues. Last year when I asked John if he would like to join the Joomla Resources Team, he said yes before I had even told him what was involved. He jumped at the chance. It reminded me of when I was asked to join a team or when I was encouraged to speak at a conference. It simply took being asked. Not because I needed validation; the way to contribute simply wasn’t clear to me. I think that was the case with John too. It had nothing to do with not wanting to be involved, quite the contrary, it was simply not realizing there is an accessible way in. Now that he’s in, he can see many other avenues to contribute. I think we would be foolish not to jump at the chance to have him as Treasurer." - Karen Dunne

"I have worked with John in a professional capacity for 6 years now and it is my pleasure to recommend him for membership of the Joomla Resource Directory Board. John fills a critical role in our organization as Director of Product and I attribute his success to his tactical ability to look at a project from many different lenses. John leads efforts in financial modeling, resource allocation modeling, and demand to ensure that any new product is profitable for the business. He also develops detailed production sprints in our Project Management System to ensure our team has appropriate visibility and remain on track. His leadership has been proven time and time again by the successful deployment of multiple products helping to fuel our company's 33% year over year growth for the last 3 years. John is an incredible mentor, coworker and friend." - Kendall Clark

"John has demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout our professional relationship over the last few years. As the Director of Product Development at One Firefly, his strategic decision making skills have been crucial our ability to introduce new products to our marketplace. He sees the "big picture" and anticipates challenges to process flows and sets the stage for multiple departments to seamlessly work together to deliver an exceptional client experience. His integrity is an inspiration, and he stands by his values - he embodies the idea that by doing good, one can also do very well. He approaches relationships with the utmost transparency, and I know that I can fully trust any information or guidance I receive from John to be what he believes to be right - for our team, for our clients, and for our partners. John's leadership would be an incredible asset to to anyone fortunate enough to receive it." - Kelly Giles


Election’s timeline and methodology

Both elections fall under the “Contested Department Coordinator / Officer Empty Board Seat” scenario in which there are multiple candidates that would be new in the role and the position is vacant, after resignation or role change of the previous DC/Officer; the elected members will start their term immediately after the election results are published.

  • April 02, 2020 - Recommendations published.
  • April 09, 2020 - Ballots sent out.
  • April 16, 2020 - Ballots close.
  • April 17, 2020 - Results announced
  • April 17, 2020 - First day of New Term.

Communication Channels

Election channels have been opened in Glip for each role. These channels allow department/community members to ask candidates questions regarding their manifestos in order to help them decide who to vote for.
The following Public Channels are open (Candidates will be added by the Secretary):

  • OSM-G2-2020R-VicePresident-Channel
  • OSM-G2-2020R-Treasurer-Channel

Next Steps:

  • Ballots will be sent out to the voting parties on April 09, 2020.

According to the Bylaws (link below), existing Officers also vote for new Officer roles.


List of members with the right to vote, as of April 09, 2020|closed

  • Achilleas Papageorgiou
  • Ahmad Moussa
  • Alison Meeks
  • Alkaios Anagnostopoulos
  • Allon Moritz
  • Andrea Gentil
  • Anibal Sanchez
  • Astrid Guenther
  • Beat
  • Benjamin Trenkle
  • Brian Mitchell
  • Brian Rønnow
  • Carlos Cámara
  • Chris Keen
  • Christiane Maier-Stadtherr
  • Christiane Viatte
  • Claire Mandville
  • Daniel Dubois
  • Darek Śnieg
  • David Aswani
  • David Jardin
  • David Neukirchen
  • David Steadson
  • Davide Messia
  • Deb Cinkus
  • Demis Palma
  • Djamel Kherbi
  • Donata Kalnenaite
  • Donato Matturro
  • Dror Lamdan
  • Ed Hathaway
  • Eric Lamy
  • George Wilson
  • Giovanni Genovino
  • Hannes Papenberg
  • Hans van der Meer
  • Harald Leithner
  • Hervé Boinnard
  • Hugh Douglas-Smith
  • Ilagnayeru (MIG) Manickam
  • Jacob Waisner
  • James Morrell
  • Jason Nickerson
  • Jaz Parkyn
  • Jelle Kok
  • Jennifer Gress
  • Jeroen Moolenschot
  • JM Simonet
  • Joe Sonne
  • Joel Lupfer
  • Jonathan Gafill
  • Justyna Michallek
  • Karen Dunne
  • Laura Gordon
  • Llewellyn van der Merwe
  • Luca Marzo
  • Marc Widmann
  • Marco Dings
  • Marianela Queme
  • Marijke Stuivenberg
  • Mark Lee
  • Martijn Maandag
  • Michael Babker
  • Mike Brandner
  • Nicky Veitch
  • Nicola Galgano
  • Niels Braczek
  • Noreen Cesareo
  • Olaf Offick
  • Olivier Nolbert
  • Oscar Ortiz
  • Peter Martin
  • Philip Walton
  • Puneet Kala
  • Quy Ton
  • Radek Suski
  • Richard Fath
  • Richard Sparks
  • Robert Deutz
  • Roland Dalmulder
  • Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall
  • Saeed Ghamary
  • Sander Potjer
  • Sandra Decoux
  • Sebastien Lapoux
  • Sharky
  • Sigrid Gramlinger
  • Stefan Wajda
  • Stefan Wendhausen
  • Stefania Gaianigo
  • Székely Dénes
  • Thomas Hunziker
  • Tito Alvarez
  • Tobias Zulauf
  • Todd Woodward
  • Toivo Talikka
  • Tom Hutchison
  • Tony Partridge
  • Troy Hall
  • Vikas Pisal
  • Wilco Alsemgeest
  • Yair Lahav
  • Zehn (John) Baskerville


Thank you!