We are happy to announce that nominations for Group 2 Officers and Department Coordinators have been finalised. The following individuals have confirmed their acceptance of nomination. Included are comments provided by the nominator(s) of each, nominees are listed in no particular order.

Note: Comments are verbatim from nominators except where editing was required to remove personal information about individuals other than the nominee.

Production Department Coordinator

Harald Leithner

harald leithner

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“Harald is a long term contributor to Joomla!. He is active in different teams like Bug Squad, Security and since a few weeks he is the Release Lead for the Joomla! 3.x versions. On the other site he manages the JUG Vienna and is one of the lead organizer of the Joomla! Day Austria. So I think he is a very dedicated and active Joomler, who puts his heart and soul into the project. Beside that he shows that he has the technical skills needed to fullfill the requirements of beeing a Production Department Coordinator. By owning a successful company with employees he shows also very good leading skills but also does not mind to step in and proof himself as a hard worker. He is a very proactive but critical person who creates momentum in projects and brings them to a successful end. I personally think that Harald with his skillsets and the already exising connections as Release Lead would be the perfect fit for the position of the Production Department Coordinator.” (Benjamin Trenkle)

Statement from the nominee:

I feel very honoured to be nominated as Production Department Coordinator and, when elected, will give my very best to further improve the positive evolution Joomla! took in the past months.

Legal & Finance Department Coordinator

Jason Nickerson

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“One of the most difficult task in the community is to attract sponsors, Jason as done an amazing Job on the Capital Team, with him as Finance and Legal department coordinator the board can count with one of the most experienced member in all the aspect related to finance, trademark, compliance and sponsorship.” (Djamel Kherbi)

"Since Jason has been running Capital, they have outstripped all projections. He's a people person and a fully committed Joomler. Now is the time for him to take a step upwards and join the board. He deserves this seat 100%" (Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall)

"Jason proved his qualities as team leader for the capital team and has shown that he is more then capable in stepping up to a leadership role in the project. He surpassed all budget expectations this year together with his team and we almost reached all goals for this financial year already. Jason knows Legal & Finance in and out and is going to provide unique skills to the Joomla board." (Yves Hoppe)

Operations Department Coordinator

Hugh Douglas-Smith

01 HDS

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“I have talked with Hugh in one of our conferences and specifically about the project. He is a good guy, he has Joomla at heart." (David Aswani)

"Hugh has a huge experience as Leader in Non-Profit organizations. As Board Member, it has been a real pleasure to work with him. His tact and diplomacy are needed in the Board." (Luca Marzo)

“Hugh brings a balanced air of maturity to our relatively young board. He has a wealth of Not for Profit experience and a level head. It would be a pleasure to see him take a second term." (Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall)

“Hugh has already shown that he is well suited to this role, and brings to it a professional attitude backed up by an understanding of Joomla, people and business." (Jaz Parkyn)

“I have served as Operations Department Coordinator for the last 12 months and worked to bring the numerous departments within this area into a coordinated group. Much of the Operations Department is 'behind the scenes' and together as teams we have kept the project running smoothly. A lot of work has been done in understanding how each department runs and contributes to the project as a whole on a business as usual basis and strategic thinking applied to where we want to be in the future with plans put in place to achieve this. I would like to continue this process and continue building the strength of this department." (Hugh Douglas Smith)

“Hugh did an excellent job managing the Operations department the last year." (Yves Hoppe)

“Already in this position" (Daniel Dubois)

“He did awesome last year so keep up the good work ;)" (Carlos Camàra)

Statement from the nominee:

A Year of Change

The OSM board has now agreed and started the process of moving forward with the formation of a 501(c) organization. This will bring significant benefits in terms of attracting additional funding as well as opening doors to new organisations who have not previously supported the Joomla! project. I have served for the last year as Chairman and Trustee of two significant UK based Charities and have had to deal with a number of situations where there could potentially be conflict between the charitable status and the not for profit entity which runs along side. I therefore believe I will have valuable experience to add to the OSM board as it undergoes this transition.

In addition, over the last year I have started the process of bringing the various Operations Teams into a structured plan of understanding where we are, looking after ‘business as usual’ and planning for the future with our wishes and desires to better support the project. As some teams have gathered ground on this, others are still at the starting position and more work is needed to continue and grow what has been established. As an organisation we need more volunteers, attracting them, engaging them and bringing them into the various teams is a key part of the role and one I fully intend, if elected to continue.

My Background

I run a development company specializing in building highly functional websites which take business processes and bring them into an online environment. These are built on the Joomla! platform and encompass complex workflows and custom components to meet client requirements. Often deployed across private intranets or extranets, our specialty is understanding existing processes, documenting the requirements and building it into a final solution.

In the Joomla! world, I have been using Joomla! since the 1.5 Beta release. I have worked on the JED team since 2013 and am the JED Reviews Manager. I was the Marketing Lead for JWC2017 in Rome as well as assisting with the last JoomlaDayUK. I have presented at a number of Joomla events including JandBeyond.

My Commitment

If elected, I will continue to serve the board and the Joomla! community to the best of my ability. My objectives being to further refine the structure and objectives of the Operations Department, assist each of the individual departments to build and grow whilst acting cohesively as the Operations Department. There is more work to do and I would be honoured to continue what I have started.

Brian Mitchell

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“I have a passion for increasing community involvement and a track record of success with engagement of the JRD volunteers” (Brian Mitchell)

Programs Department Coordinator (6 months replacement)

Jaz Parkyn

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“She’s smart very well committed to the community, she has good experiences running teams, she will do an excellent job on Programs. " (Djamel Kherbi)

“Simply the right person for the job." (Wilco Alsemgeest)

“Jaz led the Joomla Extensions Directory Team for 2 years and she is very organized and effective. The Programs Department suffered for lack of leadership and vision for few months, making the teams under it feeling like abandoned. I believe that Jaz will have the dedication and the skills to effectively support our active Programs (Certification, Volunteers Engagement, JET) and allow their growth." (Luca Marzo)

“I have watched Jaz grow through Joomla over the past 5 years. She is a good coder, a great manager and a true Joomler at heart. I would love to see her level head and open heart on the board." (Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall)

“Jaz is an integral member of our team producing Joomla websites for a variety of clients. Her in depth knowledge of Joomla is essential to our business as is her skill in managing and organising projects. Jaz has recently taken on a staff management role and is excelling in this area while her interpersonal skills also allow her to work with our clients in a friendly and approachable way. Combining all of these attributes with the fact that Jaz is organised and likes to get things done leads me to nominate her for this role for which I believe she would be perfect." (Caroline New)

“Jaz took on the role of leading the JED team in 2015 and has led the team tirelessly for 4 years. She has been a strong supporter of all members and and governed the JED through some difficult situations. She is a strong supporter of the Joomla Community and has attended and spoken at many Joomla Conferences and events. As a business professional, she has a lot of knowledge and experience to bring to this role and will be an invaluable asset to the board. I have no hesitation in recommending her." (Hugh Douglas-Smith)

“Jaz has proven her leadership qualities on multiple occasions and is going to provide a new view to board." (Yves Hoppe)


Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall

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“There is nobody better then Rowan for this position." (Wilco Alsemgeest)

“During her first term, Rowan has been an excellent president for the project, dealing very well with the challenges of the position. She is committed with Joomla, and she knows perfectly the project and the community. Besides, Rowan is always available, whether it's to help teams or answer questions on forums or social networks. Finally, Rowan's well known and appreciated member of our community." (Andrea Gentil)

“She's the best President that we had in the last 3 years, she's very dedicated to the community, her commitment is outstanding as well is involvement in several teams as volunteer, she always present to help and to solve the community issues, bringing to the Joomla! project a new vision of the leadership." (Djamel Kherbi)

“This one honestly, is the iron lady at Joomla. Much love and respect for her. I have had an opportunity to read her plan for Joomla if given another term." (David Aswani)

“Rowan initiated several important projects during her first term that require time to be completed. A second term would allow her to finalize them for the good of the project, and to apply her announced goals. Furthermore, her involvement in most areas of the project allows her to have a good overview of what's happening. Her availability is also a great asset for the project." (Sandra Decoux)

“Rowan has a lot of qualities: well-organized, skilled, diplomatic. During her first term as President, she faced several difficulties but she reached several successes for Joomla and OSM, including exceeding projected income, forming the Advisory Board, reconciling the books, starting the foundation of the 501(c)(3), the transition of the Demo/.com to the new provider. Rowan loves Joomla and is dedicated to the Project and its Community, being always present and supportive. Furthermore, she has been and is involved in lot of teams, so she is aware of the status of the Project from several perspectives. I hope she will have the opportunity to continue her work as President for another term, to finish what she started and exceed the expectations." (Luca Marzo)

“In the past term, Rowan has shown that she understands the Joomla ecosystem and knows what needs to be done to keep it prospering. She is great at organising people, events, and projects and isn't afraid to be honest. Her level of dedication and determination will continue to drive Joomla forwards." (Jaz Parkyn)

“Rowan has fought for this project like almost no other person. Whenever there was a setback she was the motivating voice in the board driving us to continue. There couldn't be a better president, she has proven her leadership skills infinite times. In opposite to her predecessors she worked together with the board and not against it, not as a dictator but on par with all members. Actions speak louder than words, during her presidency Joomla moved forward in multiple important areas, like the founding of a non-for-profit entity or budget wise. There is still a long way to go, but if you want Joomla to be successful please vote for her." (Yves Hoppe)

“For many "cakes" reasons :)" (Daniel Dubois)

“She's done a good job so far" (George Wilson)

“She is actually doing a great work, and with more time she can bring Joomla in the next generation." (Davide Messia)

“She is doing amazing in his role. He succeded in a difficult transition last year and she can lead Joomla Community to the new Joomla! era ;)" (Carlos Camàra)

“I think Rowan deserves this role due to her experience with Joomla! Project and Joomla team members. Also I have met her personally in Madrid, she is really a leader. Good Luck for her." (Ahmad Moussa)


Luca Marzo

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“There is no reason to remove him from the position. I don’t know anybody better for the task." (Wilco Alsemgeest)

“Luca has been and must be following, a fantastic secretary. He is organized, efficient, transparent and has taken the role seriously. Always available and dedicated, he is fully committed to the project. Personally, it is a pleasure to work with him." (Andrea Gentil)

“Luca is outstanding Secretary, one the most difficult position as Officer, he brings an exceptional commitment to the project with transparency and a clear sense of communication, have him for another term as secretary of the board of directors will be awesome." (Djamel Kherbi)

“I have watched Luca work, he does this job with a lot of grace. We get reports when we want them and communication in real time. Maybe there is somebody who can do this better that him, but I haven't found one." (David Aswani)

"Luca has done a fantastic job as Secretary. He fits perfectly this role. He is well organized, involved in many areas of the project, easily available and always ready to help, and has the right skills and knowledge for this role." (Sandra Decoux)

“Luca was born to this role. He is process minded, a stickler for detail and a great people person. He has been the best secretary we have ever had and he should be allowed to continue being brilliant." (Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall)

“He has proven that his professionalism and knowledge is well suited this role." (Jaz Parkyn)

“Honestly I don't even know where I should begin praising Luca. Luca is the best secretary any organisation could wish for. He's always friendly, diplomatic and available for everyone that needs help. Without him we would be lost. He makes sure to that the board has transparent and fair processes and that we don't forget communicating anything. So without long words, please vote for Luca, as else wise nothing would work." (Yves Hoppe)

“The best at this position" (Daniel Dubois)

“Honestly I cannot think of anyone in the world who could do this job better. He knows our by laws and every procedure we have to follow and he is always on alert for all the things needed to keep the project up and running!" (Carlos Cámara)

“I do not know much about him but heard about him that he is a good secretary." (Ahmad Moussa)

Next Steps:

  • Voting Ballots will be going out to those who vote for Officer roles within the next day. An outline of who will vote and how votes are tallied can be found in the Bylaws.
  • Voting Ballots for Department Coordinators will be going out to Team Leaders under the 4 departments involved to vote for their Department Coordinator.
  • Voting parties will have 7 days to cast their votes.
  • Votes will be tallied and announcement of newly elected officers will be posted approximately 48 hours after voting closes.

According to the Bylaws (link below), existing Officers also vote for new officers.


Thank you!