We are happy to announce that the nominations for Group 1 Officers and Department Coordinators have been finalised. The following individuals have proposed their nominations, according to the new Nomination process. Included are their Manifestos and the timeline for the election for their role.

Note: This is election follows the new methodology that provides different timelines based on number and type of candidates.

Vice President



Nadja Lamisch

Nadja Lamisch

Nadja's Manifesto


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Recommendation form automatically closes on August 15, 2022 at 23.59 UTC.

Outreach Department Coordinator


Operations Coordinator



Manifestos are published as provided by the candidates. The views and opinions expressed in candidates' manifestos are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Open Source Matters, Inc. - Under no circumstances, Open Source Matters, Inc. shall be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages or liabilities whatsoever resulting or arising directly or indirectly from the views expressed in candidates' manifestos.

Election’s timeline and methodologies

Treasurer Election

This election falls in the "New Department Coordinator / Officer Uncontested" scenario.

Vice President, Outreach Department Coordinator, Operations Department Coordinator Elections

This election falls in the "Same Department Coordinator / Officer Uncontested" scenario. In this scenario the recommendation phase is not present and the ballots are sent out immediately after the nominee announcement.

Ballots for the following elections will close automatically on August 15, 2022 at 23.59 UTC:

  • Vice President
  • Outreach Department Coordinator
  • Operations Department Coordinator

Adjusted Timeline (Treasurer)

Following the expected standard timeline. In the case of Uncontested same or new Board member, the timeline would be shorter, as outlined in the Election Policy page.

Full list of Candidates and Manifestos published.
Recommendation form opened.
August 09 1 day after the manifesto submissions deadline. Communication channels with candidates are opened (one for each position).
Recommendations submission deadline August 15 The Community has 7 days to submit their recommendations for the candidates. During this time candidate shall be available to answer the questions from the Community in the dedicated channels.
Recommendations published
August 16 The Secretary publishes the recommendations received for each Candidate. The Community will have one week to digest the recommendations and ask questions to candidates.
Ballots sent out August 23 Voting parties have seven (7) days to submit their preferences.Ballots shall also have the opportunity to vote for "None of the above".
Ballots close August 30 Ballots automatically close at 23.59 UTC of the 7th day after the ballots are sent out.
Results announced / Handover begins
August 31 The Secretary publishes the Elections Results announcement. During the four (4) following weeks, the current DC/Officer shall start handing over information, assets and permissions to the elected successor.
First Day of  New Term September 29 The newly elected DC/Officers are effective in their position.

Communication Channels

Election channels will be opened in Glip for each role. These channels will allow department/community members to ask candidates questions regarding their manifestos in order to help them decide who to vote for. The following Public Channels will be opened (Candidates will be added by the Secretary):

  • OSM-2022-VicePresident-Channel
  • OSM-2022-Treasurer-Channel
  • OSM-2022-Outreach-Channel
  • OSM-2022-Operations-Channel


Thank you!