The Documentation Working Group is pleased to announce a new look for Joomla! Docs.  For the past two months, a select few have been working on improving the look and feel of our docs. Some of the changes will be immediately apparent, such as:

  • All our content is now front and center, with no distractions or clutter. The navigation is now enhanced with new drop down menus.

  • Did I say, “drop down menu” above? Yes, I most certainly did! Drop down menus across the top exist now and they will continue to be enhanced.

  • The new design is totally responsive and in case you don’t know what that means, docs is now mobile ready!


The Docs Team is still working on structuring docs better while it continues to improve content and archive out-dated articles.  A special thanks to all those who have been helping out with suggestions and actually contributing to the article improvements.  All this work brings us closer and closer to the next task, localising our docs!


If you would like to help us, please consider joining the Documentation Working Group.  As always, Joomla! Community members can participate in the Documentation discussions on the Joomla! Docs Mail List.

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