We are happy to announce that nominations for Department Coordinators have been finalised. The following individuals have confirmed their acceptance of nomination. Included are comments provided by the nominator(s) of each, nominees are listed in no particular order.

Note: Comments are verbatim from nominators except where editing was required to remove personal information about individuals other than the nominee.

Production Department Coordinator

Yves HoppeYves Hoppe

“In my opinion he is an excellent programmer and greatly involved within the joomla community. “

“He is widely connected among the community and has a technical background.”

“His Experience in leadership position, his knowledge about Joomla”

“Enthusiastic about Joomla! Core, well educated developer, straight, engaged in a worldwide network, NERD!!!”

“We need new blood in the top line. I have watched Yves in action recently and he's a great motivator with a level head, he understands the role is motivational, not a top down authority (which is sadly how others view it) he'd be a perfect leader for our most important department.

Michael BabkerMichael Babker

“There is no need to explain I think. Michael is doing an awesome Job.”

“He's the best!”

Programs Department Coordinator

Luca MarzoLuca Marzo

“Currently involved in Certification Team, experience in PLT, Certification Program and several Teams. Feel comfortable with paperwork, team management, arrangement of meetings, creating agendas, taking meeting notes (transparency is one of the major principle on which my action is based).”

“His contributions wherever he works are always worth their weight in gold. As team lead of the overall Certification Program he has the skill set needed.”

“Luca is a very good person and love Joomla!”

“He's fantastic and gets so much done! He's great to work with!”

“Focused, result driven, good communication skills, perseverance, proven to be reliable

"Straight forward thinking, reliability and courage”

Operations Department Coordinator

Peter MartinPeter Martin

“Peter is a very good person”

Anibal SanchezAnibal Sanchez

“Anibal is positive and has the right calmness to lead a team. He has a lot of experience in the operations sector (CLT, WebMasters, JED, VPN, etc.) He is always working from the entrepreneur point of view and is building bridges to practical use cases.”

“Having worked closely with Anibal over the past few months it is clear that he has both the organisational and leadership qualities needed for this role.”

Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator

Radek SuskiRadek Suski

“I am member of the social media team and also very rooted in German, Polish and international Joomla! community. I am member of J and Beyond organisation team. “

Legal & Finance Department Coordinator

Robert JacobiRobert Jacobi

“Robert understands how organisations need to run (he runs a decent sized one of his own) he's US based which is kind of a must for this role whilst we remain incorporated there and he has a level head and a sharp mind.”

Radek SuskiRadek Suski

Nomination only.  No Comments received.

Mike DemopoulosMike Demopoulos

“Mike currently holds a role as interim Treasurer for OSM and has executed his duties professionally.”

Events Department Coordinator

Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall

“I have been a member of the JUG and Events Team for some time now and also lead the seasonal JET Team. I have a wealth of experience in Events in my professional life.”

“She's the perfect candidate for this position since she is experienced in event management and team coordination. She has great communication skills and she's enough time to deal with multiple responsibilities.”

“She kicks serious ass and actually gets things DONE! She's fantastic and valuable!”

“Rowan has organised many fantastic events and is a pillar of the Joomla community”

“Ethical and professional Woman”

“She's so good at organizing, managing and analyzing events”

In the coming few days we will be asking Team Leaders of respective Departments to cast their votes for the Department Coordinator of their department.

Once the votes are counted we will announce the newly elected Department Coordinators.

TJ Baker & Ken Crowder
Joomla Transition Team