In May, Brad Baker started this blog series with a roundup of informative reports submitted from each CWG team on the Community Workgroup Google Group

Today we continue the series with a round up the team reports from July and I also encourage you to check out the June reports, if you have not already had the chance to do so.

Carry on reading for some incredible news and stats from the hard working teams within the CWG.


Joomla Team

JPeople reached a milestone in July with 4000 members. Progress is now being made on extending JomSocial to add new functionality.

The JPeople team reports the Community Statistics for the month of July
Total Users:       4399
Total Activity Updates:     33927
Total Photos:     964
Total Videos:     270
Total Group Discussion:     549
A status report was posted on July 24th following the 4000th member.
You can view it at

The following Community Managers were added to the team:
Edison Luari:  Italian, Turkish, French and Albanian
Frank Henriksen:  Norwegian
Goyat:  Japanese
Murat ÖZENÇ: Turkish
There are many other languages that need to be covered to aid in communication with non-English languages.  Please contact Sandra for more information

JUGs Team

July was a transitional month for the JUGs team so rather complicated. Due to a system issue, we do not have data from the first 3 weeks of the month.

July 20th the CLT agreed to create a relief system in which to clear a backlog of submissions. This temporary system was put into place and to date has the following results.
50 JUG submissions
46 approvals and 4 rejections
All submissions are processed to date.

The JUG team added Cristina Solana to the team and together we began an overhaul of the JUG system and process which will be unveiled very soon.

Thank you to all who have been so patient with us as we go throughthis transformation.

Joomla! Resources Directory Team

Updates Processed: 12
New Submissions Processed: 35
Reports Handled: 3
Comments Processed: 8
Email Inquiries Handled: 4

No new team members.

Joomla! Community Forum Team:

Number of messages: 2,111,323 (New messages per day: 1,163)
Number of topics: 487,478 (New topics per day: 269)
Number of users: 397868 (New users per day: 219)

New Moderators:
• General Support Moderators Team: v2interactive
• Turkish Forum: Enes
• Spanish Forum: Isidro

Moderators moving on:
• General Support Moderators Team: Ranwilli
Ranwilli has been a dedicated Joomla! forum moderator for the past couple of years. We thank him for his time on our team and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

• Updated the OSM Forum group to include all current members of the OSM
board as well, added OSM members as Moderators to the OSM forum and
Events forum.
The Forum Team:

Joomla! Extensions Directory Team:

Pleased to report that on July 30th we once again had a zero day queue for extension approvals thanks to the tireless work of Pierre and Paulo

Peter asked to take a background role on the team and will now exclusively handle programming development for JED admin/frontend and possibly fraud detection, rather than day to day JED administration.

  • 400 extensions (exactly!) were submitted for approval
  • Approximately 180 new extensions were approved.
  • Total of 5363 extensions currently published in the JED
  • Reviews are coming in at a rate of 110 per day :)

We're discussing a few policy clarifications to be released in August.

We're in the process of expanding the team to create a more active base of editors.

Joomla! Community Site Showcase Team:

Here are details from the Site Showcase for July 2010:

52 Entries Processed
1816 Total Sites
SoTM June 2010:  Oklahoma State University

Active volunteers are Lee Cher Yeoung, Ron Severdia, Pablo Yamamoto, and Mika Hamanaka.

Joomla! Community Magazine Team

The JCM launched on July 1st with 18 articles in 11 different topics:

Summary usage statistics for the month:

82,635 page views
35,772 user visits

There are currently 44 active volunteers, listed here along with their JCM roles:

Thanks to all our Team Leaders for taking the time to submit these great summaries  and to all the teams for their continued dedication to Joomla! Community. 

Would you like to be a part of a Community Workgroup Team? Just let us know in the CWG group.