The Community Workgroup Teams were busy as ever during the month of August. Below are the reports rounded up from the Community Workgroup Google Group.


Joomla Team

The JPeople team reports the Community Statistics for the month of August:

  • Total Users:  4710
  • Total activity updates:  36,285
  • Total Photos:  1002
  • Total Videos:  282
  • Total group discussions:  608
  • Published groups:  485
  • Group Categories:  12

We added 2 new Community Manager to the team, Josh Zehtabchi (General Community Manager) and Cristina Solana (JUGS Coordinator) The JUGs coordinator has been changed to Cristina Solana Trademark will be handled by Claire Mandville.  Javier Gomez stepped down in order to spend more time on JUGs and OSM issues.

Some moderator tools have been installed to assist the Community Managers.  We have also installed an Answers extension which is on trial in the site.  Work is beginning in the JUGs groups to give more functionality to the JUGs and more forthcoming.  In preparation for an official launch, the Fan Clubs will be researched and owners contacted regarding Trademark and GPL compliance.

JUGs Team

The new JUG site is working out beautifully.

Presently there are 277 JUGs listed in the directory.  Research is still underway to determine how many of these are still functional or qualified.  We ask the JUG owners and the community to assist us in
this research.  If you know about your local JUG please let us know. You can leave a comment on their listing page or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

From August 15th thru the 31st we had the following activity

  • 27 updated listings
  • 3 reviews processed
  • 6 new group listings
  • 12 email requests to the team
  • 98 email discussion threads regarding support issues
  • 258 records added through the 14th of August
  • 31 added since Go Live
  • 56 records were updated after go live.

Joomla! Resources Directory Team

Here's the reports for Joomla! Resources Directory

  • Listings Processed - 26
  • Reviews Processed -  6
  • Reports Handled - 3
  • Email Requests - 10
  • Listing Updates - 9

There are no new team members.

Joomla! Community Forum Team:

The statistics for Joomla Forum (August 2010)are:

Joomla Community Forum ( )

  • Number of messages: 2,132,393 (New messages per day: 1,154)
  • Number of topics: 493,424 (New topics per day: 267)
  • Number of users: 390,247 (New users per day: 219)

New Moderators:

  • General Support Forums: Shibu & v2interactive
  • Registered Joomla! User Groups Forum: magnoliaweb & geekette
  • Spanish Forum: hefesto
  • Turkish Forum: enes.

The Team:

Joomla! Extensions Directory Team:

Extensions removed by listing owner:  10  (Listing owners can no longer remove their own listings, they will need to contact the JED Team for assistance.)

  • Reports on Reviews:  107
  • Reports on Listings:  353
  • Listings Submitted:  381
  • Reviews Submitted:  2014
  • Listings Updated:  1760


  • 110 Listings Pending
  • 37 Reports Pending
  • 1 Review Pending

This month, the JED surpassed 5,500 active listings in the directory! The directory now serves 5608 extensions to the community. Some interesting stats about the JED:

  • 904 developers have more then 1 extensions published
  • 515 developers have more than 2 extensions published
  • 276 developers have more than 5 extensions published
  • 77 developers have more than 10 extensions published
  • 12 developers have more than 20 extensions published

The JED team is currently reviewing ...

Joomla! Community Site Showcase Team:

1957 Total Sites (141 new sites addded)
Site of the Month for August 2010: Michael Greves Photography

Active volunteers are Lee Cher Yeoung, Ron Severdia, Pablo Yamamoto, and Mike Hamanaka. Since Matt left, we've been discussing adding another team member to fill his spot. We're currently looking for someone (if interested, email Ron at ron DOT severdia AT joomla DOTorg).

Joomla! Community Magazine

The August issue was published on August 1 with 20 articles. We got publicity support with a announcement which was published on the home page for 20 days.

  • Statistics for August:
  • Page views: 63,285
  • User visits: 30,318
  • Average page views/visit: 2.09
  • Bounce rate: 67%

Here's a list of the current 44 JCM team members and their roles:

Thank you to all our hard working team members who make this monthly progress possible and to all the community members who visit the family of sites on a regular basis.
Would you like to be a part of a Community Workgroup Team? Just let us know.