Our community members are appalled by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25th. We condemn the continuing police brutality, racial injustice and discrimination not only in the United States but around the world.

As a worldwide open source community, we have a lot of teams and friends across the world.  Those Relationships and strong social networks are important to us personally, but they are also necessary and important to stand strong against hate, injustice, vengence and wars.

We are open, we have teams across the world, we provide educational outreach, we participate in worldwide student programs and outreach. Joomlers from all around the world work with each other, we transcend borders and embrace everything that brings us together.

Our global community is committed to promoting a working environment that is open to everyone and that provides a safe and collaborative environment. We are listening, we are learning and we should all take note, pause and think how our individual actions might be adjusted to promote a better world for us all.

In todays world, respect, peace and an open mind are vital to our wellbeing. Without peace on earth, we will never be able to grow and to stay sustainable.

Joomla values Freedom, Equality, Trust and Community. Our Community members wanted to make a statement due to the current events in the USA and we feel strongly about following this call and to share that we are, against racism, discrimination, hate, harassment and injustice: We stand with you!

#Joomla #AllTogether