Joomla version 3.1.0 will be released on April 24. This will give us a little more time to test and fine-tune the exciting new tagging feature and also to fix some other unrelated issues.

Version 3.1.0_beta3 will be released on March 29. This will have the same feature set as the final 3.1.0 release. We encourage people to download and try the beta version and provide feedback.

The Tags component will be a great addition to Joomla. It addresses the tagging, labelling, and multi-category requests that have been made over the years. For example, “assign multiple categories to an article” is currently ranked #7 on the site. Tags will address that by allowing you to create lists, blogs, or other layouts that combine articles and other content types any way you like.

An amazing number of people have been contributing to version 3.1, both with coding and testing. For example, over 50 people have helped test and fix bugs just in the past 90 days. If you want to get involved, please consider joining the Joomla Bug Squad.

Note: The above date was updated form April 15th to April 24th. Things are going well, but we just wanted to make sure we're 100% ready and there are a few issues remaining that we want to take care of without rushing it.