On November 15, 2012, seventeen members from the three Joomla! leadership teams, the Community Leadership Team (CLT), the Production Leadership Team (PLT), and the board of Open Source Matters (OSM), from nine countries met for an all day joint summit meeting in San Jose, California.

Joint Leadership Summit Meeting 2012

From left to right - Back row: Jacques Rentzke (OSM), Mike Carson (OSM), Dianne Henning (OSM), Mark Dexter (PLT), Peter Martin (CLT), Ron Severdia (PLT), Alice Grevet (OSM), Paul Orwig (OSM), Marijke Stuivenberg (OSM), Chris Davenport (PLT), Sander Potjer (CLT), Ofer Cohen (OSM), Front row: Sarah Watz (OSM), Sandy Ordonez (OSM), Andy Tarr (PLT), Javier Gomez (OSM), Sam Moffatt (PLT).

Countries represented: Australia, Costa Rica, France, Israel, Sweden, South Africa, The Netherlands, the UK and the USA.

Topics discussed include:

TradeMark Update – a simplification of policy, language and processes is underway. The end of January 2013 is targeted for a revised TM policy.

Capital Update - an aggressive goal has been set of increasing sponsorships by 50% in 2013, targeting $250,000.

Scholarship - OSM will draft a plan to establish a system that can help fund project-wide, hard-working contributors, students, and others to attend events.

Sponsored Development - if a company wants to fund the development of a set of features, our current plan is to have sponsoring companies directly hire developers from the community. The Joomla Community Development Manager would be available to help the sponsor find prospective developers from the community and coordinate with the Production Leadership Team. The process for including sponsored features into the Joomla code base would be exactly the same as for any other proposed feature.

Volunteer Portal - the CLT is planning to build a portal to make it easier for community members to contribute their time and skills to the project. Community members will be able to create and manage or select an fulfill a task. This will give a better overview of the current activities in the community and make it easier to thank the volunteers.

Joomla Outreach Student Projects - Google Summer of Code was very successful. All of the code made it into the core. Joomla has the resources to fund a student outreach program based on a similar model, targeting specific areas (code, documentation...). Code sprints are another idea - bring several coders together by funding their travel to one place to work on a feature.

Communications - OSM will be working to improve communications with external audiences, as well as researching ways to connect with relevant external groups and organizations. A curated blog will be created to improve communication within the larger Joomla community, and make information easier to find. Ideas such as a beginners road map and connecting volunteers via the volunteer portal.

Leadership - all three leadership teams are targeting the end of December to finalize their goals for 2013. The teams agree that each team should have terms. PLT and OSM will have one year renewable terms, and CLT will decide soon on their approach. The PLT and CLT both will be adding new members. The PLT and CLT will put out a call for nominations.

Internationalization - everyone agrees that internationalization is a very important goal, and it needs more framing. A process will be created to structure this goal.

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