We are happy to announce the next steps for the election of President Elections. Included are recommendation comments provided by the nominator(s) of each. Nominess are listed in no particular order.

Note: This is election follows the new methodology that provides different timelines based on number and type of candidates.


Brian Mitchell

Brian's Manifesto


Recommendations for Brian|closed

"Brian has demonstrated his ability to lead OSM in a respectful manner of the Joomla Project volunteers. He has won the respect and trust of the teams and must be able to continue his work at the head of OSM in the interest of Joomla. The two points indicated in his manifesto are the most concrete, the most serious and the most suitable for Joomla." - Daniel Dubois

"As you all know, he is a proved man in Joomla. Our last live meet up at Spain, he is the man who lead the entire sessions. Also the team behind him given a great support too. So if he is there, I am sure he can make the team better than for ever. Active person for ever. Also he is having a beautiful smile too ;) ... as always !. Thanks" - Manu Beladevan

"Brian has done his best to help bring together the Joomla volunteers and community during his term as President. I hope that with Brian's encouragement of the importance of Joomla User Groups, we can continue to connect with more Joomlers around the world. I also feel that with his leadership we can continue moving forward with improving overall respect and core values throughout all of the Joomla Volunteers and the Joomla leadership." - Laura Gordon

"Brian has been a live changing inspiration to me, and those who have been proud to call him a colleague and fellow Joomla enthusiast. My passion for Joomla grew substantially after meeting Brian. Brain has been the ideal ambassador who has helped many realize the full power and capability of Joomla, and continues to help me understand it's full potential. His grace, professionalism, ability to form bridges, understand people and relationships within a global and diverse community to build cooperation, consensus, and vision makes him a valuable leader. I couldn't be more proud to have a president in Brian representing this amazing project that is model in the open source community. He has my full support." - John Baskerville

"Both candidates have similar hopes for our Joomla community and have hard work ahead to achieve them. I believe that we’d be in good hands with either of them.
During the shortened term of his presidency, Brian has worked hard to bring the community together. There is more work to be done and I’d like to see him have an opportunity to complete more of what he has started.
If elected for another term, expectations are greater. The foundation work done so far to get the community to a cooperative, collaborative and productive group that reflects and supports the values of Joomla, now gives way to more public work. More showing and less telling as they say.
I believe that Brian is capable of meeting this challenge." - Shirielle Williams

"I have been involved in the Joomla community since 2013 with various types of participation (speaker at conferences, Assistant Team Lead for the Joomla Resource Directory, and local JUGs).
I met Brian at Joomla Day Chicago in 2017 while attending his session. He talked about the Joomla community and how unique it was. I could see he genuinely cared about the project and the people. He talked about it in a way that I found inspiring and it led me to volunteer beyond my local JUG.
I’ve worked with Brian for four years now. He is one of the best communicators I know. I’ve watched him maintain objectivity regardless of the situation. In times when I was frustrated with a situation, Brian was steadfast in his vision for the best outcome, with the upmost professionalism. That is a rare and special quality; a quality that Joomla benefits from greatly. I want Joomla to thrive for years to come. I recommend Brian without hesitation. In his role as President, I see Joomla at its best." - Karen Dunne

Hugh Douglas-Smith

Hugh's Manifesto


Recommendations for Hugh|closed

"Because he has an experience and a presentation that is understandable" - Philip Gros-Meyer

Election’s timeline and methodology

This election falls under the “Contested DC/Officer” scenario in which there are the current Officer and another candidate who would be new in such a role.

  • February 16, 2021 - Ballots sent out.
  • February 23, 2021 - Ballots close.
  • February 24, 2021 - Results announced. 4 week handover period begins.
  • March 24, 2021 - First day of New Term.

Communication Channels

The election channel has been opened to let the Community ask questions to the candidates about their manifestos and visions.

  • OSM-G2-2021-President-Channel

Next Steps:

  • Voting Ballots for the Secretary election will be sent to voting parties today. As per the Bylaws all Members (Class 3), Team Leaders (Class 2), Department Coordinators and Officers (Class 1) have the right to vote in the Officer's elections.
  • Recommendations form for all the other roles (either Contested and Uncontested) are open until February 08, 2021.

According to the Bylaws (link below), existing Officers also vote for new Officer roles.


Thank you!