The Production Leadership Team (PLT) is pleased to announce the appointment of David Hurley as our first Community Development Manager. In September we put out the word about this new volunteer position. After reviewing all of the applications, David was our unanimous choice for the job.

David's primary duties in this position will be:

  • Keep up with current development activity in the Production Working Groups
  • Help keep the communications channels open among developers and the community.
  • Be a single point of contact for new prospective code contributors.
  • Conduct active outreach to the third-party development community
  • Coordinate with Google Summer of Code and other student outreach programs to encourage the recruitment of student volunteers into the Joomla community.

David comes to this position with a lot of relevant experience. He is the owner of WebSpark, a company that specializes in data architecture, web application development, and business consulting. He has been a part of Joomla! since its inception and began his experience working with its predecessor, Mambo.

His company has worked with clients from around the world ranging in size from small local businesses to large international companies, and the U.S. federal government. He has developed both a project management tool, JForce, and customer relations management tool, CRMery, to be used in Joomla!

He has written for the Joomla magazine, is a member of the Bug Squad, worked on features for Joomla 3.0, developed one of the first Open Source apps built on the Joomla! Platform, Cobalt, and is involved with the working group for Joomla 4.

We are very excited to have David take on this important role in the project. He can be reached at .