Joomla and Crowdin

The Joomla Project is pleased to announce that Crowdin, our localisation platform partner, will be the official tool for the language packs as of Joomla 4.


Our Crowdin project for language packs ( is set up so anyone can join the translation process by making “suggestions” for a text translation, vote on existing suggestions or create issues when an existing translation seems to be wrong. There is no need to “join” a language first, just jump in and start contributing.


For each language, some users, set as “proofreaders”, can accept or reject the suggestions. Those proofreaders are members of the respective Core Translation Team and ensure the quality of the language pack is on the expected high level.


Each night, the language packs are built. The generated zip files can be downloaded from Crowdin (eg and usually can be directly installed in Joomla.


Joomla itself will not fetch the language packs directly from Crowdin. Instead the translation teams will download the zip, test it and put it to another server.
Currently, it is still at JoomlaCode, in future it will be at