Because the Joomla! project has a great community, the goal is to empower more volunteers to effectively contribute by increasing transparency, communication and trust. Over the past several years, a majority of the leadership has supported the review and study of governance, convinced that our current organizational structure and methodology are not optimal to move our community forward.

Last October the Structural Team, entrusted by the joint Joomla leadership to produce a proposal for a new leadership structure for the Joomla project, shared their work with the combined project Working Groups for their feedback. This version of the proposal is the result of that feedback.

Now we are seeking feedback from the community as a whole on the proposal for a new organizational structure and methodology. Read the proposal here: New Structure & Methodology [Proposal] - Google Doc

You can share your thoughts and comments about this proposal in this public forum thread: or you can email directly to the structure team

Timeline for this phase and forward

The timeline below is set for receiving feedback and improving the proposal. If needed the timeline will be revised.

March 24 - April 21: Public discussion and feedback from the community as a whole
April 21 - April 26: Structure Team to discuss feedback from the community, and if necessary make additional revisions to proposal.
April 26 - May 3: Leadership team members discuss the final proposal.
May 4 - May 11: Leadership team members vote on the proposed Joomla structure.*
May 12: Publish a blog with the results of vote and the next steps.**

* To have a quorum and to pass a counting vote it need at least 2/3rds of the total potential votes to pass a vote. To pass the proposal for a new structure & methodology a majority of 2/3rds of the given votes are needed.

** If the vote is yes to implement the new structure and methodology the transition plan will be activated. The current leadership members will act as the transitional leadership until the new elections have been held.

This proposal is brought to you by the Structural Team

This Structural Team is made up of representatives from each of the three leadership teams:

  • Representatives from OSM:Sarah Watz, Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen, Marijke Stuivenberg
  • Representatives from PLT: George Wilson, Chris Davenport
  • Representatives from CLT: Sander Potjer, Alice Grevet, Peter Bui

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