After recent Officer elections we’ve had two previously elected Department Coordinators move on to Officer positions, leaving their Department Coordinator positions open.

We are now re-opening the floor for nominations for Joomla’s Department Coordinator for the Legal & Finance Department, and the Programs Department. Each Department Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the teams within their department as well as sitting on the Board as a Director.

We are looking for nominations for the following 2 positions: 

  • Legal & Finance Department Coordinator

  • Programs Department Coordinator

The Department Coordinator Team Leaders sit on the Board of Directors and are represented in the image below as the top most circle in the column with the same name. Local Communities Department Coordinator Team Leader role will be set up at a later time.

joomla leadership structure 800

Each department already has teams set up under them. The Team Leads of each team will cast one (1) vote for the person s/he wishes to be their Department Coordinator Team Leader. Votes will be tallied and a winner will be chosen. In the event that the winner of this vote is already a Team Lead, their role as Team Lead will need to be backfilled as an individual may not serve as a Department Coordinator Team Leader and also be a Team Lead.

It is a good idea for all nominees to familiarize themselves with the Bylaws especially the sections relating to the Department Coordinator Team Leader role:

To nominate yourself or someone else, please use the following form:

Nominations will be accepted until March 15th at 23:59 GMT. Over the following week, we will reach out to those who were nominated by someone other than himself/herself to ensure they are interested. Approximately one week after nomination submissions are closed, we will send the newly elected Team Leads a ballot (Google Form) to vote for their Department Coordinator. Team leads will then have 7 days to place their votes.

Have Questions?

Thank you to everyone involved in this great community.

TJ Baker & Ken Crowder

Joomla Transition Team