Open Source Matters (OSM) is entrusted with providing organizational, legal, and financial support for the Joomla! project. You can find out more about the organization at

Given those responsibilities, and the anticipated departure of two board members in the next two months, the decision has been made to expand the board once more.

We are looking for your nominations for new OSM board members.

We acknowledge that the greater worldwide Joomla! community can help us a lot in this election process, and make us aware of potential candidates we may overlook.

Nomination Information

We are looking for up to three new board members. For one of the open OSM board member positions, we are seeking a person to become OSM's Capital Committee Team Leader. This person will be asked to form and lead a team who will be primarily responsible for supporting existing project sponsors, reaching agreements with new sponsors, and looking for other new opportunities to bring in more revenue to support the project's growth. If you believe you can be successful in this role, please fill out the nomination form and tell us more about your interest, skills, and experience.

Useful areas of experience and expertise for nominees include:

  • Accounting, bookkeeping or financial
  • Legal or trademark
  • Organizational or managerial skills
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Fund-raising
  • PR and Marketing
  • Education or certification development work
  • Events planning and support

Nomination Criteria

We are looking to recruit the very best and the brightest members in the Joomla! community.

Some of the criteria that will be used when evaluating nominations include:

  • Community: the nominee should have a strong track-record of successfully collaborating with, enabling others and earning the respect of the Joomla! community.
  • Character: the nominee should have proven themselves a person of high character, with a history of acting honestly, fairly and openly when in leadership roles.
  • Experience and Expertise: if the nominee is being proposed for a specific role, they should have strong experience and expertise in that area.
  • Success: the nominee should be able to point to a history of success and leaving previous roles in a better state than when they arrived.
  • Diversity: to work towards gender balance and ethnic and geographical diversity, we are committed to seeking nominations from talented members of the Joomla! community who are female and / or represent diverse ethnic and geographical backgrounds, as well as fluent speakers of languages other than English.

Nomination Schedule

  • Nominations close: September 19
  • Appointments announced: October 3