The Joomla! Events team is looking for new energetic team members.

Due to constantly growing numbers of Joomla! related events being organised each year we are searching for volunteers to help us to manage the approval of those submissions and help expand our service offerings for Joomla event organizers.

What is the Joomla! Events Team?

The Joomla! Events Team is responsible for supporting, managing and approving submissions for JoomlaDay Events, Joomla! User Group Meetings and other Joomla! project related events.

Who is the Joomla! Events Team looking for?

We are looking to recruit a few individuals who will be able to examine submission of an event. The candidates must be able to communicate with events’ organisers in a gentle and friendly way. Good communication skills are very important in this role.
Additionally we are looking for a primary person to administrate the website and be able to help manage the website's infrastructure and keep all software up-to-date.
If you think you would be a great candidate for this role, please complete the following submission form:
Deadline for submission is 2013-12-15