As you may know the Joomla leadership teams have been working hard to increase our transparency and open our disussions and decision processes. We hope we're moving in the right direction and you as a community sent a lot of constructive feedback from the "Better Communication With the Joomla Community" blog post.

Today we announce the "Ask the Joomla Team" communication channel.

What is Ask the Joomla Team?

The idea is that for one hour every week, two leadership team members will be available to answer your questions.

The session will be in a chat format. You can ask any question you like. We can not promise that the team members can answer every question but we will give our best and if we can't give an answer directly we will try to get the information and answer the question later.

We will limit the session to one hour and we plan one session per week. The sessions will be held on Wednesdays but at different times of the day, so that people from all over the world have the chance to join.

Here are the dates, times and community volunteers for the first three weeks:

  • April 14th, 20 UTC: Mark Dexter, Robert Deutz
  • April 21st, 4 UTC: Brad Baker, Louis Landry
  • April 28th, 12 UTC: Elin Waring, Louis Landry

How Can You Join Ask the Joomla Team

You can meet us in the #joomla-ask-the-team chat room on

One very easy way to join is to visit this link: