One of Joomla’s 2013 overall project goals is to create a Joomla "app store" that will allow users to search for and install extensions directly from the backend administrator interface. This overall project goal supports our three year vision statement which is to improve adoption of the CMS and Framework.

Members of Joomla’s Production Leadership Team (PLT), Community Leadership Team (CLT), Open Source Matters (OSM), and the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) agreed that the initial step for this goal should be to form a small group to study the issues and provide some recommendations for the best way to move forward. Some of those issues include creating a system that will:

  • Offer a good experience for end users.
  • Offer a positive experience for extension developers.
  • Minimize the workload on project volunteers.
  • Support free and commercial extensions.
  • Integrate with the JED as much as possible.
  • Potentially become a new source of revenue for the project.

If you are interested in joining this initial group to study these and other issues and then to provide recommendations for the best way to move forward, please fill out and submit this short Google form.

Not all aspects of this group’s work may be done in public (for example a group Skype chat might be formed or work in progress shared Google docs may be created), but the group members may ask for input and feedback in different ways as their work progresses. The recommendations proposed by this group will be published, and the community will be given the opportunity to review them and give feedback before any implementation work begins.

As with all things in the Joomla project, the amount of progress that is made will be based on a number of factors, including how many community members volunteer to help do the work. If plans for the app store move forward but it is not ready to launch in 2013, work on it will continue in 2014.

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