For the first time, the Joomla project is conducting a survey to ask for input and feedback about overall goals for the upcoming year. As a community driven project, your participation is important - the results of this survey will be one of the inputs that will help determine Joomla's overall goals for 2013.

This survey will remain open until October 29. [EDIT: The survey has been extended and will remain open through November 10.]. Please follow this link to the english language version (currently available translated versions are listed at the end of this blog) so your input and feedback will be included on this important subject:
[EDIT: Link removed after the survey was closed.]

About the 2013 project goals survey

This survey is 16 questions long and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. No personally identifiable information is collected (although you may optionally include your email address if you want to volunteer to help with future surveys). Here is what this survey consists of:

  • The first set of seven required questions asks about how you use Joomla.
  • The next set of six required questions looks at three different areas of the project: Joomla features, content and services, and overall project support. For each of those areas, you are asked to select your top 5 most important choices from a list of 12, and then answer if you would support having the Joomla project pay contractors or employees if that was required to support your top choices.
  • The survey closes with three optional questions that allow you to give suggestions for other project goals, give suggestions for improving future surveys, and provide your email address if you want to volunteer to help create and manage future surveys.

Again, this survey will remain open until October 29. [EDIT: The survey has been extended and will remain open through November 10.] The results of this survey will be published on the Joomla Community Portal later this year.

New Project goals/strategy working group

Creating and publishing the 2013 overall project goals survey is one of the first tasks of the project goals/strategy working group. The decision to form this new working group was made during joint leadership meetings that took place in May of this year.

The purpose of this group is to propose a set of overall goals and strategy for the project, and then to help keep that work on track. Each Joomla leadership team is represented in this working group: Chris Davenport (Production Leadership Team), Olaf Offick (Community Leadership Team), and Paul Orwig (Open Source Matters).

The project goals/strategy working group thanks Nick Savov for setting up the original survey based on the list of questions and answers provided by the working group.

Next steps for 2013 overall project goals

Following the completion of this survey, the project goals/strategy working group will review the results and offer suggestions for 2013 overall project goals. Those suggestions will be reviewed by all Joomla leadership team members before final decisions are made.

Once the project's overall goals for 2013 are finalized, additional members will be recruited to join the working group whose expertise matches those final overall goals.

The final 2013 overall project goals will published. These overall project goals are not intended to PLT, CLT, and OSM goals, but the overall goals may have an impact on what those team level goals will consist of.

Non-english translations of the survey and this blog

The content for this survey and blog were shared in advance with the Joomla translation teams so they could be translated into other languages besides english. Here are the currently completed non-english translations, with thanks to those whose work in this important area is helping to improve Joomla's openness and inclusiveness [EDIT: Links removed after the survey was closed.]:

  • Dutch: Blog | Survey
  • Italian: Survey
  • Polish: Survey
  • Russian: Survey
  • Spanish: Survey