With an October 25th announcement on the public Joomla! leadership email list, work has begun on the Joomla! project's 2012 goal setting and budget planning proposed process. 2011 was the first year that the Production Leadership Team (PLT), Community Leadership Team, (CLT) and Open Source Matters board of directors (OSM) put in the extra effort to first define their goals for the year before they began work on their parts of the project's overall budget.

Benefits of the goal setting and budget planning process

These are the benefits of having PLT, CLT, and OSM put in the extra effort to first define their goals and priorities for 2012 and also asking them to provide input on the areas of the 2012 budget that their teams are responsible for:

  • Allows our budget to be a more effective tool for supporting the project's planned priorities for the upcoming year.
  • Allows each leadership team to better understand what the other leadership teams are planning to work on, which will improve inter-team collaboration and support.
  • Allows the community to be aware of goals and priorities for the upcoming year, which will improve transparency and openness and enable increased support and volunteer contributions.
  • Will make it easier to bring in more sponsorship contributions, due to prospective sponsors having a better understanding about what initiatives their contributions will be supporting.

Changes made for the 2012 proposed process

Some significant changes have been incorporated into the 2012 proposed process based on lessons learned from the 2011 process. Some of these changes are a result of lessons learned during the 2011 process, including feedback from the community. Other changes are based on work that came out of a session at the July 2011 Joint Leadership Summit about creating a public unified roadmap for the project. These are the main changes that have been made for the 2012 proposed process:

  • Each leadership team has been asked to define a mission statement for their team that supports the project's current overall mission statement. Each team's mission statement will be a helpful starting point to confirm that their top goals and priorities are aligned with their mission statement.
  • Time has been included in the proposed process for community feedback both before the leadership teams finalize their goals, as well as before the draft budget is submitted to OSM for formal approval.
  • A more detailed framework has been provided for documenting milestones, action items, and resources that are associated with each team's top goals and priorities. Each leadership team can use this documentation to help with their budget planning and their implementation work for each of their top goals and priorities. If this documentation is completed it can be published alongside the both draft and approved budgets which will help community members see where those goals tie to specific budget line items.
  • Recommendation that each leadership team publish a blog following each calendar quarter in 2012 to provide an update to the community about their progress toward their 2012 top goals and priorities.
  • Creation of a sample timeline that aims to have a budget ready for OSM's formal approval in January 2012.

Potential impact of proposed leadership structure changes

Proposed leadership structure changes that were intially discussed at the July 2011 Joint Leadership Summit may result in changes to the project's current leadership structure sometime during 2012. It will likely take quite a bit of time to work out the details of any approved leadership structure changes, so if we want to have a set of full year 2012 goals and a budget that is based on those goals, then our best path to accomplishing that will be to rely on our current leadership teams to carry out this work now.

Sample timeline for the 2012 proposed process

The sample timeline for the 2012 proposed process is shown below. As was the case with the 2011 process, participation by leadership teams in the 2012 proposed process is voluntary. Each leadership team may choose to take a different path regarding both their goal setting and their budget planning work for 2012.

  • October 25: Announce 2012 goal setting/budget planning process to leadership teams.
  • November 2: OSM Treasurer publishes blog about 2012 goal setting/budget planning process.
  • November 2: Each leadership team creates their mission statement, and begins working on their proposed top 2012 goals/priorities.
  • November 5: OSM Treasurer provides budget spreadsheet templates to all leadership teams.
  • November 9: Each leadership team defines their proposed top goals/priorities and they each independently publish a blog/JPeople discussion or other method of collecting community feedback about them.
  • November 16: Public feedback on each leadership team’s proposed top goals/priorities closes.
  • November 30: Each leadership team finalizes their top goals/priorities and their milestones/action items/resources.
  • December 7: Each leadership team submits their proposed 2012 budget to OSM Treasurer along with their mission statement, goals/priorities, milestone/action items/resources document.
  • December 21: Budget committee reconciles consolidated 2012 budget.
  • December 22: Blog and JPeople discussion for community review along with draft budget, and leadership team mission statements, goals/priorities, milestones/action items/resources are published.
  • December 29: Public discussion closes.
  • January 2012: OSM votes to accept budget.