On September 1st Joomla celebrated its 6th birthday. As part of the celebrations we asked you to tell us "Why does Joomla rock?" on Twitter and Facebook. We also promised to blog your best answers.

So, why does Joomla rock? Here are over 40 of your replies. Oh, and if you haven't done so already, don't forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


  • @WouterFranken 1 september was de verjaardag van Joomla! Het CMS bestaat nu 6 jaar! Een geweldig CMS. Ik hoop dat het nog jaren zo blijft. (Dutch)
  • @magiclogix Happy 6th birthday to @joomla! You rock because WYSWYG and provide a user-friendly platform with elite quality!
  • @richardb77 Joomla Rocks because without it I would be stuck... and of course, it is the best CMS around...
  • @gabramirez9 #Joomla Rocks for existing, for doing my everyday everything more easier... For being free and helpful and helping me with my job !!
  • @giobertox #Joomla! Rocks because sets by default the best practice a website need,structure,usability etc..n u dont have to reinvent the wheel
  • @ipraktikum #Joomla! Rocks because we use it in our undergraduate course Internet practice (@unilj #fdv) as a great example of an open access CMS
  • @jephfoust Joomla Rocks because the development team continues to make it better and better. Thanks!
  • @Mr_Maxus Joomla rocks because of all the gamma of extensions available most of them open source and shorten your way to get what you want


  • @ikerffernandez #Joomla! es genial porque es libre, por sus más de 8000 extensiones, por ser una comunidad generosa, y porque si! porque es genial (Spanish)
  • @i_robin Happy Birthday Joomla! It rocks because of simplicity, did so 6 years ago and still does. Makes it easy to adopt.
  • @icanheal #Joomla! Rocks because non-programmers like me can plug and play and build multi-level kick=#$% websites. Happy 6th Bday!
  • @brianronnow #Joomla! Rocks fordi det er det system som er lige til at komme igang med uden de store problemer. Godt gået. Ses til #jd11dk (Danish)
  • @steakbiarritz Parce qu'il me permet de faire connaître mon site (bientôt la nouvelle version en 1.7): (French)
  • @miccx8 Joomla Rocks because it's easy to use, it's customisable, and it's OPEN SOURCE, and this is what matters!


  • @rvbgnu #Joomla! Rocks because... it's made by a community who loves people and the internet, that loves communities on the web, that love...
  • @xplaye #Joomla! es genial porque la comunidad ha logrado establecer una infinita cantidad de soluciones Web. Feliz 6to aniversario! (Spanish)
  • @Twentronix Joomla Rocks omdat het een krachtig en flexibel CMS is. Mogelijk gemaakt door een enthousiaste community! (Dutch)
  • @JAVI_GOMEZ: #Joomla! Rocks because is a project done by community members in all the world
  • @kanekader Joomla est génial car c'est un produit open source facile d'utilisation avec une très grande communauté derrière. !!!
  • @askatasunerantz Joomla changed the way we understand the web. Joomla! makes the internet a place where all the people may participate without barriers
  • @JWillin All families sometimes agree sometimes don't, sometimes argue, but at the end of day they still be a family. Happy Birthday
  • @Bommes Joomla! rocks! It changed my life! Very nice community with people want to help each other, without always $$ in their eyes!
  • @JustinHerrin Joomla Rocks because of its fantastic community. Oh, and it's the best CMS around!
  • @boingobear Joomla Rocks because it has many dedicated and passionate developers sharing with the world. Thanks to Joomla! JOOMLA ROCKS!!!!
  • @susannare Joomla! Rocks because of the awesome community that nutures it!
  • @soamjena: #Joomla rocks because of its simplicity and the most-humble community support people.

Helps make businesses grow

  • @CB9TOIIIA #Joomla! Rocks because it gives me time to care of what really matters: doing my job in the best way I can, with excellence!
  • @WebActualizable #Joomla! es genial pq nos ha hecho crecer como empresa y esperamos seguir creciendo juntos al mismo ritmo! (Spanish)
  • @gg_3005 Joomla Rocks because it challenge me, amuses me and help me paying my bills!
  • @renekreijveld Joomla Rocks because it's a great open customizable platform. Use it for website, shop, intranet, webapp... Endless possibilities!
  • @juniojose Joomla rocks because all my business based Joomla! is Rocks! #Jbday Great community! Great software! ;-)
  • @figomago Happy 6th birthday @joomla ! You rock because you've created so many livelihoods!
  • @synergy72 For me the best CMS is #Joomla. It helped me to start business and give a professional service. Congrats on its 6th birthday
  • @hugoseabra19 Joomla  Rocks because it gives me time to care of what really matters: doing my job in the best way I can, with excellence!
  • @navjinder Joomla rocks because Joomla! made me a #BreadWinner :) I love it, Joomla landed me my first Job. Wishing you Hbday to all #Joomlaites
  • @chill_creations Joomla Rocks because it enabled millions to (re)build their business and live with an online presence
  • @KellenBurns #Joomla! Rocks because it saved us 150K in interactive costs!

Helps make users happy

  • cozimek #Joomla rocks because it enables the disenfranchised and under-served to have a powerful voice to change our world.
  • GreenhostNL Joomla! Rocks because we just updated our auto-installer and many of our customers love it to pieces!
  • 10kinds Joomla Rocks because I can train my clients to be their own tech support
  • gsuez se abren nuevos horizontes para los que creemos en el trabajo comunitario y el software libre (Spanish)

And finally and most importantly ...

  • ot2sen: #Joomla Rocks because ... of YOU
  • vdrover #joomla doesn't rock ... Joomla people rock!