Why Crowdin and Joomla! are a great match.

The Joomla! Project has been using the Crowdin Platform as its main tool for translation into more than 60 language packages for some time. Crowdin is an innovative and revolutionary cloud based tool. Being the first combined online TMS (Translation Management System) and CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool.

Today we are proud to announce that Crowdin and Joomla! have become Partners to continue our multilingual strength.

Joomla! uses the Crowdin Platform to not only translate the content management system but, thanks to our many volunteers on the Crowdin Platform, also many other texts. As Marc Antoine Thevenet (Active Joomla! Contributor on Crowdin) explains :

“More then a fabulous platform for translation, Crowdin is a Team of enthusiasts seeking excellence. Crowdin is of course an exceptionally effective translation platform, but also the ideal tool that allows us to manage all types of translation according to our needs: more then 60 language packages, sites and extensions, marketing materials... A time saver adapted to the management of our Translation Teams, but most of all, Crowdin is an enthusiastic and responsive Team that supports you in the success of your projects.”

About Crowdin

Crowdin is a young, fast growing IT R&D company, based in Ukraine.
Staying the one product company Crowdin strives to shake up the industry by providing new generation localization platform that actually simplifies and accelerates the translation and localization process.

Founded in 2009 Crowdin quickly became profitable and stays privately held, self funded company. Company’s goals and improvement direction is driven not only by growing and dynamic market requirements but also by truly passionate team and desire to revolutionize.