2.5.5, apart from solving quite a few bugs, is also adding some nice new features.

Here are a few of them:

Add ability to copy a template

This new feature lets create an exact copy of an existing template with a new name. It includes all necessary files including lang strings.

Template Manager => Templates tab, click on an existing template.


Click on an existing template name, enter a new name in the field, click Copy Template.

The new template has been created.

The new default style displays in the Manager.

The new template folder shows in the Templates directory.


Implementation of Terms of Service

When activating the User Profile plugin, one of its field, Terms of Service, could be required or not and, if required, needed to be checked by a new user filling the Registration Form to create a new account in front-end.

The issue was that no Terms of Service content was proposed for the user to read...

In 2.5.5, one may choose a specific TOS article when editing the plugin parameters, in order to present in front-end a link to display that article in a modal window when registering a new account.

Edit the User Profile plugin and choose an article via Select/Change.

The front-end registration form now displays a link to the TOS article.

When clicking on the link, the article chosen displays in a modal.

Option to disable the ability to change the Username in Profile
Add the ability to limit the number of password resets within a time period

These parameters can be set in the User Manager=> Options.

1. Login name
When set to No, user is not able to change it on front-end as well as back-end.

Results in front-end

2. Limit number of passwords reset

Add counter to redirect component

 This feature lets administrators know if an old url is still used by adding a column --404 Hits-- displaying the number of hits in the Redirect Component Manager.


Media formfield: show preview

 It is now possible to see a thumbnail of the image entered in an image field all over the site.

Examples are categories, articles, contacts. Hover the mouse on the new Preview button to see the thumbnail.



Also, a developper can add to an xml form:

preview="true" or "false".

In this case the Preview button is not displayed and, if set to true, hovering over the field will display the thumbnail.

Add buttons in each menu selection tab in the module admin manager

Until now, the "Select All", "Clear Selection", "Toggle Selection" buttons in the Menu Assignment of a module edit page were applying to all menus. This new feature lets apply them also to each separate menu, once the setting "Only on the pages selected" is set.

Module Manager => Edit a module

Here is an example for the FruitShop menu where Select All has been clicked:

Multi-File Upload

 When uploading files (images as well as pdf/zip, etc.) using the Media Manager, one could browse, choose ONE file and then upload it.
This was specially true when not using the flash upload.

This feature lets, when browsing, highlight multiple files which will be uploaded in one click (if their total size does not exceeds Joomla settings or the php settings).