Google Summer of Code 2012 LogoGreetings, Community

Welcome to another Google Summer of Code (TM) (GSoC) update from the team! Back in March we were honored to be told by Google that we had made the list and that the Joomla project was accepted into the Google Summer of Code program this year.

Yesterday Google announced the eight students accepted to Google Summer of CodeTM for Joomla.  We’re excited about the projects these students have proposed and most of all about having these developers participate in the Joomla development community.

  • Javier Gómez: Language Installation for the CMS
  • Lucas Tiago De Castro Jesus: Language Translation Extension
  • Aaron Schmitz: Google API
  • Diana Prajescu: Facebook API
  • Florian Voutzinos: Workflow API
  • Kavith Thiranga Lokuhewage: JS / CSS Compression API -
  • Prasath Nadarajah: MediaWiki API
  • Stefan Neculai: Web Services API

The next few weeks are going to be key for the student’s success in the program. Mentors and students will be working together closely to formulate plans that will guide them through the rest of the summer. Students will be learning how to work with the development infrastructure and studying the Joomla APIs and design patterns.

The students have already been participating in fixing bugs and on the development mailing lists.

The community can get involved in helping and assisting the students by joining our mailing list, giving them feedback on development mailing lists, and following the work in their github repositories. Although the students are going to be taking their direction from mentors, input and advice from the development community at large will be very helpful and is an essential part of the open source development process.

These students were chosen from among more than 50 applicants, and choosing the final projects was very challenging. Thank you to all of the students who applied and community members who submitted project ideas and provided feedback to students.

Joomla! is one of 180 open source projects participating in Google Summer of Code 2012.  We appreciate Google’s support of student work in open source projects.