It has been some time since my last blog post, and this is mainly because June - July is a period when I have final examinations at my university.

I've been working on the front-end part for about a week or so. It will be pretty much like google docs revisions. As soon as an alpha version of the front-end will be available, I will make it available for tests at this test site. Also, you can install the component backend on a local installation of joomla using this file. Joomla 1.5.11 is installed at the demo site. The administrator password is vscdemo.

The front-end will be accessed through editors-xtd plugin. I would like to know what other version control features would be preffered by the joomla community (maybe post some links in the forum thread to some software that you like and you consider that similar interface options - e.g. the way comparing is displayed - would be well suited for Joomla! users).

A sketch of the timeline, for the next 2/3 weeks looks like this:

  • Finishing front-end control (currently you can check its state from the SVN)
  • List of other features that could be implemented (from whitepapers on the forum, and research made on version control subject). Select maybe one or two and work on them. This list will be used for further development of the component
  • Last week before mid-term report: mentor meeting regarding the extension versioning API. I will post the decisions & implementation ideas on the blog.

I have also posted some other technical aspects of the version control component on the forum[3].