New project management software and an upcoming Web site redesign

The 2010 year brought with it many changes and challenges for Open Source Matters (OSM).  With a turnover of 13 board members during the year, and the continued focus on our core responsibilities, our team of “let’s get it done” board members identified an important need for better management of OSM projects and tasks.

I’m pleased to give the community an update on this effort.

Managing OSM projects

The implementation, adoption, and use of project management tools was a key finding in months of internal reviews undertaken by OSM.  Utilizing productivity and management tools, we surmised, would enable us to be more efficient and effective.  We researched a number of project management solutions, including hosted solutions and popular tools in the Joomla! ecosystem.  We concluded that it was important to affirm that Open Source does Matter, and selected Projectfork from the team at Pixel Praise.Projectfork

We’re very appreciative of the assistance provided by Kyle Ledbetter, and Tobias Kuhn, in setting up and tweaking the software and extensions to our specific needs.

Inside OSM, board members Marijke Stuivenberg and Alice Grevet have been testing Projectfork, and providing feedback to Tobias regarding some feature updates/changes (some of these changes also made it into the new release, so the community-at-large is also benefiting!).  We are excited about how the software will help OSM organize the various projects we have at hand, including fund-raising projects, trademark information management, and the OSM web site redesign (more on this soon!).

We were happy to learn that the birth of the Projectfork software was also celebrated over the weekend, and I think it’s a good example of collaboration in development and business.  Congrats to the Projectfork team!

Thanks again to the Kyle, Tobias, and everyone else that has made the Projectfork software the success it is today, and for assisting OSM in the adoption effort.

OSM web site redesign

We recognize that OSM can be more effective in supporting Joomla if the world knows what exactly it is that OSM does for the project.  While our current Web site has provided us great service, we believe it’s time for a little renovation.

A re-structure and re-design of the OSM site has been long overdue, and I’m happy to inform the community that we are moving forward to make this happen.

This redesign project is a lot simpler than the site redesign, and therefore requires a simpler and shorter process. We also don’t want to divert resources away from the great work going on now for the redesign project.

I will post more details about this project in the OSM J!People group soon, and look forward to finding ways community volunteers can help create a more informative, intuitive, and beautiful OSM Web site.  Stay tuned!