Every Joomla! release has its moments of drama, tension, and transcendence. Inside the Joomla! Bug Squad in the run up to the release is always a flurry of intense activity. 1.7 was no different in that.

While most people probably know that the release of Joomla! 1.7 was a first because it was a time based released: back in January it was announced that the release of 1.7 would be in July, and the great thing is that we did it to the exact date and minute that was picked in late June.  That doesn’t mean there were no hair raising moments though!

On the Saturday before release, Mark Dexter and Jean-Marie SImonet were going through their final punch list--4 days before release and it only had 4 items. One was a last minute security issue that had come in on Friday, and another was a decision about reverting a commit which had brought in an issue report, also at the last minute. So after hunting down and fixing the source of the security issue Mark made the revert and we, for the first time ever, had release packages for testing well in advance of a release. And the cool thing was that on the 17th Mark made a request for testing on the JBS mailing list. A request for testing packages 2 days in advance? Unheard of!

And then the tense, dramatic and transcendent happened.

At first, all was going great, but then Robert Vining posted about an issue … which I think he first learned about from Radek Suski.  Really quickly, other people tried it and confirmed. In the meantime JBS dug in and found the source of the issue. And very quickly Mark was able to fix the problem.

As anyone involved in software development won’t be surprised to hear … it was due to a combination of the revert that was made on Saturday and a new feature in this case one that deletes unused core files. Unfortunately when the old file was restored the list of files to delete wasn’t updated, but thanks to everyone on the JBS list it was fixed right away. And now we have another item for the pre-release check list.

And then Mark made new packages, posted and people tested again.

I’ve been through three “minor” releases and this was by far the smoothest, even with (maybe because of?) the deadline (not having 3 years worth of expectations helps too). Great job.

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