Joomla Service Providers Directory

A new directory for all organizations working with Joomla to provide Services to customers.

A new central place has been created within the Joomla! Community website to provide visitors with options to find organisations to help with their needs:
The "Service Providers Directory" is a replacement for the existing Resources Directory running on a separate domain.

Why migrating the current Resources Directory?

Following our policy to decrease the number of properties to make it easier to find information, we chose to integrate the Service Providers Directory into the Community website, This is one of our most visited properties, it's the central point for Joomla users. Therefore, your listing(s) in this directory will get more attention than on a separate domain.
Apart from bringing all the important information together in one logical place, there’s another advantage to this. As you probably know, all the websites are maintained by volunteers. One website less simply means less maintenance work and so, more time to provide new features.

For security, data age and other reasons we chose to not migrate the information from the current directory to the new one. For this we need your help: make sure your listing is updated!

How can I add my listing?

If your organisation is listed at, you should have received an email inviting you to re-submit your listing(s). If you want to submit your listing, or if you haven’t received the email, don’t worry. You can get listed by following these steps:

As we have just published the new directory, we will redirect your listing on the Resources Directory to the new listing on the Service Providers directory, so anybody who saved the link will still arrive at your listing. The Social Media Team is also working on a special campaign on our official accounts to promote each category of the directory.

What’s next?

Of course, we won’t just migrate the Directory. We also wish to provide new features to make this directory a real success, for your organization as well as for customers looking for help:

  • A contact button will be added to each listing to make it easier for customers to get in touch with a provider.
  • A geomap will help customers to find easily the companies in their area.
  • Companies will be able to feature their listing (with a little fee).
  • More fields will be analyzed and added so that customers can see additional information about the companies in the Joomla Community.

But that’s our short wishlist. You can help turn these wishes into real features for the benefits of all!
Do you have great ideas for the directory and do you want to help make them a reality? Come and join us! You can contact us at, any help is more than welcome!

Last but not least, we would like to thank Wilco Alsemgeest & Jaz Parkyn who took care of the migration, as well as RSJoomla for offering a RSDirectory subscription and for their fantastic support.