strives hard to provide an easy to use site with simplicity and accessibility. We are currently in the process of presenting the Joomla! community with what (we hope) you will find as powerful and exciting improvements to the way you use main site and sub sites.

In the next few months, and it's sister sites are going to undergo some design enhancements. The people behind the design updates are pooling years of research and experience to make even more accessible, comprehensive and easy to use for everyone. So what is being done?

  • New and Improved design. Look for:
    • Improvements in all aspects of the Joomla! sub sites. (This will not include the wiki.)
    • Simplicity, flare, and a modern edge.
    • An easily accessible, usable and consistent design that allows end users, especially new users, to easily navigate through the massive number of sites.
  • Reorganized content and better consistency throughout Joomla! family of sites.
    • This is no secret at all. has a massive amount of data within this brand. Reorganizing this content will be no small feat..
    • Each site will be rolled out one by one over the course of a few weeks.
  • Software enhancements.
    • As Joomla gets older in age, so does the software being used. Enhancements to some of the software will take place to ensure continued quality of the sites infrastructure.
    • And much more!

In the meantime, design mock-ups are on their way, and multiple options and specs will be presented to the community when they are completed. We expect within the next month or two to have these available for the community to review.


--Steven Pignataro