The Joomla Shop

You have waited a long time for a place to buy a Joomla mug, t-shirt, cap, hoodies ... to show the world your Joomla love! I couldn’t make you wait anymore so, here it is, the new Joomla shop is online!

The shop features 6 different designs with a wide range of colours. Browse the shop, make your choice between mugs, caps, phone cases, t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts and jackets with women’s cut garments available alongside unisex ones. You can even buy a Joomla Teddy Bear!

Visit now and enjoy a special welcome discount, click the 15% off on the shop link to get your discount, but act fast, this discount will end in 14 days. All products can be delivered worldwide!

Why a Spreadshirt shop?

OSM is unable to sell products directly. A few months ago, we published a Request for Proposals (RFP) to find a third party provider so that we could provide you a high quality shop. You can find this RFP here. Unfortunately, neither of the proposals passed the board - see minutes here.

I decided to setup a SpreadShirt shop as an interim solution so the many of you who asked for swag could buy some. This shop is located in Ireland as it’s more central for our users, to allow for faster delivery and minimised shipping costs. It will give us time to prepare a new RFP to provide the shop you deserve in the future, with a wider range of products and limited editions.

Spread the word - Be loud and proud!

Share the word on your social media channels, buy a product and post a pic of your swag and don’t forget to tag us using #joomlashop

Submit your design

Do you have a creative mind? Would you like to suggest a new design for a product and be part of this adventure?

Just send me an email to and let’s transform your design into a product series!

A special thank you to Alison Meeks who helped me with setting the product design and to Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall.