The Marketing Team Needs Your Input!

J! and Beyond is coming closer, in less than one week time we’ll have our Make It Happen session in Prague. Marketing is planning on 4 projects to happen :

  • Content & Sitemap of the Joomla websites
  • Sponsorship Marketing
  • Public Relations Team kick off
  • Traffic generation

We have a lot planned, and need your help. One of the projects for the Marketing Make it Happen Session will be to start evaluating our own set of websites. We will layout the current sitemap of those domains and try to architect them in a way that will showcase the Strengths of Joomla! as a project, community, framework and more.
This is a beginning of a process which will kick start the migration and redesign of the current website/s in a way that will empower the Joomla! project and will give the right information to all the different target markets that Joomla! has.

We are calling anyone that wants to take part of this big project to join us at the session.
You are welcome to look at the set of domain’s (the main one and all of its subdomains) and prepare idea’s, thoughts and anything that will help us map out the current situation and write down a suggestion document. If you can’t join us at JAB, but you do want to contribute, please send content edits in a google document and share it with or make a document and upload to the public folder before Saturday 30 May.

We are hoping to have the time and resources to update content during the Make it Happen. We may only be able to change some of the content on the spot, but the rest will be built in the big project.

Thank You and lets Make It Happen!