Joomla CMS Critic 2017

Joomla has been a consistent winner on CMS critic awards in various categories since the inception of the awards in 2012. It won the award for ‘Best free CMS’ for 2 times in a row already. It’s time to score a hat-trick!

So show your love for Joomla and submit your nomination today!

Nominations are open. This year there is only one category you can choose.
We have chosen to target the following category:

  • Best Free CMS

Every nomination counts! Make sure you describe why you think Joomla deserves the award. It is required to do so for your nomination to be considered.
Awards are a great way to raise awareness about the CMS we all love and get it the recognition it deserves.
Let’s work together and sweep the award in this category!

Together, we make it happen!

I nominate Joomla!

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