Image Credit: Chiara Aliotta

Yesterday was special day for all community managers around the world: Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD) . In 2010 Jeremiah Owyang started this initiative, and ever since, it has grown globally. It’s a day on which we say “Thank You!” to those who have taken on the immense challenge of managing the many passionate and enthusiastic communities around the world.

Community Managers work with people like you and me on a daily basis, acting as the “glue that holds us together,” and at times, that unenviable task certainly isn’t easy! It’s a never-ending job, with many challenges (from both within and outside the community). Really It truly does take exceptional people to live up to this demanding role.

At this very moment, a spammy comment is being written on our forum, on a Facebook comment or tumblr page. You'll probably never see much of the work Community Managers do, and you may not realize who is jumping into action: Spam gets removed, spammers get banned, new questions get answered, and proper links get shared on social media.

It's our great honor to introduce and thank each one of our Community of Joomlers, as well as several folks who contribute greatly to the team. Let’s start with our Community Development Manager, David Hurley, our forum moderators: ChiefGoFor, ooffick, pe7er, Aidan38, AlexSmirnov, almamun, b-ronnow, carcam, chrille, cicans, dam-man, Enes, hefesto, hungkhanggl, Hutchy68, JacquesR, joomlacorner, joomlalearn, joomlaturk, ljk, mandville, mattbaylor, montano, mudotmy, normdouglas, ot2sen, oxiepagen, ozneilau, PhilD, Radek Suski, sherif, sikumbang, TheHacker, zanderp, Chris Davenport, dextercowley, alikon, imanickam, Leftfield, sone12, Tonie, Per Yngve Berg, Tessa Mero, Duke3D, 219jondn, alledia, bpsullivan, brad, JCK, lafrance, Mikunda, porwig, QBParis, rdeutz, RussW, Tiko, Alex Dobrin, ariadneduvessa, Bernard T, Dionisiy, el_libre, eyesofkids, infograf768, LocaLizeR, rbuelund, sarki, Sisko1990, Vrlo Jak Tim, Zello. And our social media team: Alison Meeks, Guillermo Bravo, Jessica Dunbar, Patrick Jackson, Peter Bui, Radek Suski, Shirat Goldstein, and Sigrid Suski.

For all of you, who often get the question from people “What exactly is it that you do?”, we would like to gracefully say THANK YOU! Thank you for being with us in this community and to helping to guide and manage us all! We all share the same passion, and your work is making a very positive difference in our growing community!

Happy Community Manager Day!