Section 1

Last week was awfully tight as I had our final year project presentation, viva and demonstrations ( I received googles welcome pack with a small red colored notebook and a prepaid debit card loaded with 505 USD. Also I partially ported my plan to Joomla! context, studied the format of the existing Joomla! 1.6 libraries and adopted JUser for the Taxonomy API's Tree class.  Expecting to complete API implementation within a week.

Section 2

Had an unofficial chat in GTalk on May 28th with one of the mentor. The following points were discussed:

1. GPL licence and borrowing styles and patterns

"me: 1. I adopted the code from TUser class in the joomla library. I can give attribution and it is under GPL. will it be a problem?

8:38 PM I did so because it is from Joomla! 1.6 and coded by core developers so I can follow the same style
8:39 PM Luis: what do wou mean with giving attribute.. to state it was developed by Joomla core team instead of you?
 me: no to state the style and parts of the code was borrowed from this class
8:40 PM Luis: ahh.. I see.. it is perfect"
2. Location of the table subclass
  me : JUser uses a sub class to handle table operations JTableUser which is located in a central location /libraries/joomla/database/tables
  but I decided to keep it along with my library
3. Location of JTree
me: yes it is placed under joomla in library
  oopsi made a mistake in teh structure
  that i committed
 Luis: unless you intend it to be include it in the core of Joomla framework
10:14 PM me: mm the idea is that right ?
 Luis: I am not sure when installer will locate 3rd party libraries
  I think under libraries/ folder
  not inside libraries/joomla/
  when = where
 me: ah okies then fine
  lets keep it like the current way
10:15 PM jimport('taxonomy.tree');
4. Inheriting from JClass
Luis: well JClass does not exist in 1.5
  it is 1.6 addition
 me: mm
  sorry if i m missing any Joomla pattern
  I checked few other library classes
  lik filesystem,
9:03 PM then only I decided to use
 Luis: well, there must be a good reason they have decided to inherit from JClass in certain circumstances
  but JObject includes a lot of functionality, it is worth inheriting
 me: but in operation JTaxTree is equivalent to JUser
9:05 PM do you think I should use JObject
9:06 PM Luis: I think but let me be sure.... give me 5 minutes.. no objections to JTaxTree
 me: sure no worries
9:07 PM actually I wanted to check whether my choice of place to put the JTableTaxTree is correct
9:14 PM me: mm what do you think
9:18 PM Luis: back.. JClass defines a protected constructor while JObject does not
 me: woow then its the most suitable
 Luis: so it is suitable for singleton pattern
9:19 PM the question is, will this class be used in a singleton pattern?
 me: mm I guessed it from its usage
  yes it will be
 Luis: I see... in that case there is no problem with inheriting from JClass

5. Also discussed about the implementation of JLeaf (but decided to go with a particular design and evaluate the merits later)


JTree serves two purpose
9:28 PM 1. acting as a representative for the table jos_taxonomy_trees and jos_taxonomy_tree_maps
  2. providing controlling functions
9:31 PM Luis: you have implemented representation for tables via the methods I can see.,.. controlling functions are missing as JLeaf and Term are not implemented yet...
  ok, I think that is 100% clear.. so your question is what approach to use for JLeaf and JTerm, right? Is that your question?
9:32 PM me: yes what I am saying is JTree has both methods and parametes
  but I prefer to keep them separate for JLeaf
  there is no JTerm (i used it mistakenly)
 Luis: so not to implement save, bind and those things in JLeaf
 me: yes
 Luis: right?
 me: exactly
9:33 PM Luis: ok.. I got it
 me: they will provided through controlling functions
  tehy will be provided through controlling functions
  but we can just load JLeaf as loadObject from database query
  I was considering it because it will be called extensively
9:34 PM and memory allocation will be significant if it is made bulky
 Luis: umm.. describe how you use JLeaf and loadObject.. a code sample
9:35 PM me: okies JLeaf will have methods like getLeaves
9:36 PM and that method will return
 Luis: a list of its children
9:37 PM me: $query = "SELECT * FROM #__taxonomy_leaves WHERE tid = $tid'';
$db =& JFactory::getDBO();
return $db->loadObjectList();
  yes something like this
  so JLeaf wont have set of variables
  they are returned immediately
  from the function
 Luis: ahh.. not intermediate class
9:38 PM me: yes and not keeping the table fields as variables in JLeaf class
 Luis: avoid instantiation of JLeaf
 me: exactly
9:39 PM Luis: which is expensive.. umm..
9:40 PM me: I am suggesting this for anothe reason as well
 Luis: ok.. what is that reason?
 me: unlike JTree where it involves with taxonomy_trees and taxonomy_tree_maps
  JLeaf will work with many tables
  leaf_relations, leave_maps, leaf_alias
9:41 PM Luis: ahh.. complex
  complex handling of tables...
 me: and the operations are mostly acting on more than one table
  at a time
  and mostly atomic


Section 3

The lists to follow 

1. Community page (sort of a homepage for all the links) :


Have-done list:

1. Specifications, API, and timeline are posted to community site.

2. SVN commit is done.

3. JTree first version is committed.


Currently In Progress:

1. Reading Mastering Joomla 1.5 Extension and Framework Development

2. Completing API library


Short term to dos:

1. Finish JTree

2. Arrange a meeting with mentors and discuss the progress and implementation of JLeaf

3. Commit changes soon and often