We are pleased to inform that the following people have been elected to the Open Source Matters (OSM) Board of Directors:

  • Alice Grevet
  • Dianne Henning
  • Marijke Stuivenberg
  • Andrea Tarr

In this second part of the election, of which Part 1 was announced on October 1st 2010, we have had focus at candidates, among the Joomla! Community nominated and OSM Board recommended people, who all have potential to fill in several roles at the board. With the election of these four we feel confident that OSM will get strenghtened in areas of Trademark handling, Community outreach, International outreach and in building connections with Joomla Developers.

It was a great pleasure to hear all the candidates promtly accepting the invitation to join the Board. Welcome aboard!

We can also inform that Marko Milenovic decided to resign from the Board of Directors as time didn't allow him to contribute as much as he had hoped for. Marko did an excellent job, especially in the area of Trademark handling during his time serving the Board and we would like to thank him for making that difference. Thanks Marko!

The Joomla! Community Oversight Committee.
Brad Baker, Chris Davenport, Samuel Moffatt, Ole Bang Ottosen