Over the past few weeks, Kyle Ledbetter has been facilitating some discussions on people.joomla.org asking for your feedback regarding what you think should be considered in the design and Information Architecture for the new Joomla.org redesign.

If you've missed out, be sure to check out the following discussions and get involved by joining the Joomla.org Redesign group on the People site!

Joomla.org Redesign Kickoff

New Joomla.org Sitemap

Joomla.org Branding & Messaging

Joomla.org New Homepage Goals & Priorities

There have been some collaborative and productive discussions ongoing since the people site redesign group was created, and we'll certainly continue to seek feedback from the community. However, it's time for the redesign team to move on to some wireframes and design concepts. So, if you haven't joined in yet, be sure to do so!