Joomla Pizza Bugs and Fun

Joomla 4.0 is on the horizon, but over 200 bugs and feature requests are untested, which means, they cannot go into the Joomla core. As a main rule, new functions for Joomla have to be tested before they can be merged into an official release. Usually it takes only a few minutes and Joomla becomes better and better.

Since a few years, we have an event called "Pizza, Bugs & Fun" (PBF) where everyone can learn about executing such tests. Open issues will be tackled together, tested and marked as ready for release. At the same time, sponsors take care that nobody is starving.

There is nothing like pizza!

Yep, you’re right. You will learn, get pizza and a hellloads of fun. In return you will operate with new knowledge and help to make Joomla better and more stable. This will be the first PBF which concentrates exclusively on Joomla 4.

The good news: everyone can join!

  • If you’re a beginner, you can start with easy error reportings or improving the documentation.
  • You’re a more advanced user? Perfect, then you can directly start with testing feature requests (called pull requests).
  • And if you’re a programmer, you can solve existing issues by yourself. So for every skill level we have interesting tasks.
  • You have never worked with Joomla 4 before? No problem, we will offer preconfigured installation, so you can start without any administration effort.

Where is the pizza?

We perform this event in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at different local Joomla User Groups.
The date is fixed: September, 8th 2018, at 9:30 am.
Currently Munich (as initiator), Augsburg, Frankfurt, Gießen, Freiburg, Hamburg, Koblenz, Cologne, Nuremberg, Zurich and Vienna are confirmed. To get in touch to the different User Groups, check out

You would like to participate but you don't have a user group nearby? Or you are Joomla User Group and want to join? Just do it!
There are very small requirements:

  1. You need a room with WiFi access
  2. You need some Joomlers equipped with a laptop and motivation.

Do no thesitate to send an email to Benjamin Trenkle () or search him in Glip.

Of course, you can also join from home, but where is the fun without the community and the pizza?

And what about the bugs?

Bugs are unresolved or undetected errors. For many bugs we have already a fix, called “Pull Request”. In addition, missing language strings or description have to be fixed.

Don’t miss out all the fun

Meeting Joomla people, working together to resolve the bottle neck on missing tests, that will be fun. Then, you’ll want to keep on contributing to the Project and do further testing in the future.

A big “Thank you” for the pizzas

The Pizza, Bugs & Fun is free of charge for every participant. Even better: every attendee gets drinks and a pizza for free.


emilQ DAILY is a brand of the Institute for Innovation & Improvement whose mission is to support and advocate people and business in terms of innovation & quality improvement in all kinds of contexts.


Compojoom is a leading Joomla development company, delivering high-quality, state of the art and user-friendly extensions and solutions.


Djumla is the friendly next-door Joomla!-Nerd. They love to solve problems, all the rest of them throw in the towel. Djumla creates concepts, designs and code directly for customer or as agency supplier in the background.


The Joomla Agentur codes, designs and supervise websites made with Joomla!


Mittwald is a reliable partner for agencies and reseller, focusing on good service.


The JandBeyond e.V. supports us in all administrative tasks.

Interested but still no clue about the how, where and what?

We help you to catch up, just get in touch with Benjamin Trenkle via
Check the dedicated JDocs Page about the event for more information (it’s in progress).
We will also share information materials, tutorials for all attending JUGs, timely, so, you’ll be fully prepared for the big day.

Be part of the “Joomla! make it happen day”. Every test counts!