Joomla Pizza, Bugs & Fun 2018

On September 8th, 2018, a "Pizza, Bugs & Fun" (PBF) event took place in Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands and France with different local user groups, so-called Joomla User Groups (JUGs). Everyone could learn how they can contribute to the improvement of Joomla.

The aim of the event was to become familiar with Joomla 4.0 and especially the new backend template, to report and confirm bugs, to create and test patches and to write documentation.

Everyone welcome

With 83 participants, who met in their JUG, and countless Joomlers across the globe taking part from their homes, the event was very popular. Everyone was very welcome, newcomers, beginners or professionals, agency owners or administrators of a club page, no matter what was their previous knowledge.

Full program

The event started at 09.30am with a live video greeting from Alexander Metzler, Joomla Vice President, who thanked everyone for giving up their free time to take part.

Many thanks to all supporters, whether alone at home, in the office, at community meetings or at the participating JUGs, for helping to get the new version up and running. And of course, a big thank you to the organizers and especially to the sponsors who donate the drinks and pizza.

Afterwards Alexander Metzler gave the floor to Benjamin Trenkle, who first presented the daily program and gave a short introduction, explaining how bugs are reported in Joomla, what steps are necessary to fix them and how to set up a computer to test bug fixes. A special highlight was the clever distribution of tasks in lists for "Discoverer", "Adventurer" and "Conqueror", which was well received by the participants.

Writing or translating new documentation

It wasn’t just code that was written or tested, those who could not or did not want to program were invited by Mike Brandner, Documentation Translation Team (JDT), and Sandra Decoux (Marketing & Communication) to support the project with JDOCs, the official project documentation.

Let the fun begin!

Then the teams started. As all the participants were connected online, it was not just typical beginners' questions that could be answered quickly. Experts were also available with advice and support. As a result, very tricky and specialised issues could also be worked on and quickly resolved.

Christian Schmidt, head of JUG Munich, shared regularly successes and motivated the participants, while Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, JUG Munich, was committed to looking after the chat rooms. David Jardin, Joomla Security Strike Team Lead, gave the final words, to thank everyone who participated and round off the successful PBF18 at about 5pm.

PBF18 - The results

During the event, 71 test results were reported and 5 new pull requests were written. The charts of the JDocs showed great success with 17 new translators (global) with 1,434 improvements.

joomla pbf 18

Many thanks to all participants

Overall it was, once again, a great atmosphere where mutual help was of particular importance. The learning curve on this day was very steep for all participants, with rays of hope as well as “A-ha” moments. For many attendees the day did not end here and they have continued to work and contribute to make Joomla better. The PBF was a lot of fun, like a good party, with good food and great people.


Everything important can still be found on (in German).
You can see some pictures of the event here.